All over Again?

It seems the extremely over-hyped and preachy movie 3 idiots has struck an emotional chord with a lot of my fellow to be managers and leaders of corporate India and eventually global organizations. (Well, apparently that’s what they tell us). I was recently going through the status messages of most of these guys who were having the ‘Give me some sunshine….I want to grow up once again’ lyrics posted on, with a hint of nostalgia and a tear in their eye. A lot of the sentiment probably comes out of the fact that most of them feel their lives would be drastically different from the current doldrums most of us are living in. But would I want to wind back the clock and start all over again?

Hell NO!

Why would I want to go through kneeling in the hot sun because the teacher could not teach me anything and believed I was a liability to the class? Why would I want to go through listening to the whole ‘Your son gets distracted and does not study…he is going nowhere’? On that note, I’d like like holler out to all those who thought I’d never make it – Yo ! I’m doing an MBA, you said I won’t make it to class 10….Gnaaaaaaaah! Why would I want to go through the awkwardness of puberty once again? Yeah…admit it you reader…it was a very confusing time! Why would I want to go back to being that chubby boy who was perpetually out of breath? Why would I want to go back to any of that?

If I think that I would do things differently, I don’t think so. We’re all either programmed to do the same mistakes, or completely new ones. All those experiences have made me what I am today, and I would not have it any other way.