Bollywood will never learn

I recently went to watch a movie at the theater. I was unfortunately subject to a bad experiment, namely Vivek Oberoi’s “Prince”. Manners aside, I screamed WTF in the theater, much to the annoyance of the parent in front of me, whose kid I think learnt a new word. Ah, passing down wisdom to the next generation…feels good. Now here is what prompted the vocabulary transfer – The movie completely rips off versions of Iron Man. Yes! You heard me….we just Anu Malik-ed The Iron Man.

From the gist of it, Oberoi is a thief who has a lot of money and uses it to build gizmos. One scene clearly shows him trying on the holographic blueprint thingie which Tony Stark uses to test out whether his design works or not. You all remember the scene where he has the hologram running and it is almost as though the real thing is actually there and he puts his arm through and is able to move the hologram around…that exact scene…copied..sorry! Anu Malik-ed….and oh so shamelessly. See the above image for reference.

I mean, how retarded do you believe the audience is? First they take Spiderman and Neo and come out with this monstrosity called Krissh….now this. Here is the killer past, when Oberoi finally developes the hand-whatcha may call it, all it does is fire two grappling hooks……LAAAAAAAAAAME. Like my Hindi Teacher used to tell me ‘ Nakal mein bhi akal honi chahiye’ ( Even while plagiarizing, one must use their brain). When will Indian cinema develop a truly indigenous superhero? All Anu Malik-ed…..sheesh! Thank God they have not tried the same on the Dark Knight… oops! I may have spoken too soon….here is an awesome song featuring Superman and Spider-woman. Believe me…worth the time!

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