Book Deja Vu...

Okay, we’ve got about a month to go till the end of college. Time to start moving back to the safety of the nest slowly. So, I began this day clearing out the junk in my closet. Half way through the maze of clothes I slowly start to realize I own way too many socks for comfort. And it’s not like they are all of different sizes or colours, barring the black football socks which I still wear to any interview under my suit, ( I am too miserly to open the pair of cotton socks and since my illustrious football career is behind me owing to me being….well, never mind) I own a ton of white socks. And they all look exactly the same. I can mix and match without a worry in the world.

Socks apart, another thing discovered is that I have received way too many books this academic year. Besides huge books on Organizational behavior and Social Group analysis (which are in absolute pristine condition…not even bothered removing the plastic cover they came in), I own tons of notes I have apparently taken print outs during the year. This is fairly shocking because the grades are a serious joke when I look at the effort put in. Something wrong in the execution perhaps, kind of like SRK and KKR ( Any failure jokes will be attributed to Dada and the singers of ‘Korbo Korbo Korbo Ray’). Besides that, I own tons of huge telephone directories posing as books on economics, investment analysis, market research and strategy. The odd part is that, these books have my handwriting, my trade mark fluorescent highlighter in every line…..but I haven’t the faintest memory of reading any of these books.

And it’s this kind of déjà vu that makes me question whether I am living in the matrix or not. All physical evidence (one of the 7 P’s of marketing) points to the fact that I have indeed turned the pages on a lazy weekend afternoon, cursing my choice while still making notes out of the excess jargon thrown at our faces, but there remains no memory of me ever doing that. And this isn’t just one or two books, we’re talking about an entire suitcase full of books…a suitcase big enough to fit a small child or a really anorexic girl. This is highly disturbing with only a month to go till graduation.