I think I am gravely ill !!!

I’ve had a very confusing morning. The result of this is probably something that started the previous night. We’ve been having this assignment for a subject that was assigned nearly a month ago. With due regard to all that is decent and proper, we all decided to tackle it in the last minute. Where is the fun otherwise? So, we all head out for dinner, I indulge in a bottle of beer and lots of food with the notion that the assignment is due on the 15th of the month and that I have all of Sunday. Life is good!

Wrong! This is one of those times life decided to hump me, just to ensure I can still scream ‘Oh my God’. Assignment is due on the 14th! OH F**K!!! (The word could be fork…) I return, content as a pig at midnight and begin working. Nothing helps, I crash, wake up at 3 AM and begin working on this daft assignment.( Yes, if any of you new joinees are reading my blog…this is life…3 AM.). With 3 cups of hot green tea and jazz music in the background, work is slowly coming together. Music keeps progressing until about 6 AM, I need a shot in the arm to keep me going for the home stretch.

And here comes to rescue two stalwarts of the yester years of Bollywood…Kumar Sanu and Anuradha Paudwal. (Excuse if the spelling is messed up). On full blast….at 6 AM….Rahul Roy going’ Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanammmmmmmm……Jaane Jaaaaaaaaaaaa’….and Anu Agarwal replies’ Jaaaaaaaaanaaaaammmmmmmm……Jaaaaaaaaane Jahaaaaaaaaaaan’…and so on. 7 AM, I’m done with the assignment. Now, ignoring the fact that I was listening to Lamb of God at 5:45 AM, and switched to the unmentionables (which I have mentioned above) at 6, I was actually upbeat. Music on at full volume…have transitioned into ‘Uff Teri Ada…’courtesy ‘Karthik Calling Karthik’ and am getting jiggy with it.

Is it not wrong ? Is not my behavior vulgar and downright improper? Why am I filled with such a sense of accomplishment? Why am I not tired and cursing the professor and the system? Why am I not ticked off at the team mate who lives in the stone age and thought my life would be easier with graphs created in Office 2k3 format and not 2k7? We all know how seriously us MBA types feel about these non-IT types using outdated software. You may wear the same clothes for a week, with food stains from Monday morning’s breakfast…but using Office 2k3…blasphemy…sacrilege!!!

And why am I dancing like Cristopher Walken to bollywood music?

Ladies and gentlemen, I think as this course nears its end, I have caught some sort of disease and am gravely ill. Kumar Sanu..whod’ve thunk it????

On another note, I said goodbye to two good friends who left college to join their respective jobs at Mumbai. One was the poor lamb who was normally the butt of all my jokes…and the other was the drummer. Sigh! NO more concert performances from college for me. And who the heck am I suppose to make as the subject of all my jokes? Double-talent killer I tell you.It’s always sucky – these goodbyes. I’m always kind of clueless as to what to do or say? Do you give some pearls of wisdom like a grandfather? Do you stand and smile? Do you quote Shakespeare or GB Shaw? Do you sing ballads that say goodbye? I’ve never really been good at this goodbye business. It’s sort of like a bat in a closed room, senses go awry. Anyway….c’est la vie.