Scientifically Accurate

I was going through one of the status messages of a friend that stated “ Aim for the moon and you’ll land up somewhere among the stars

Now, when one has had barely 3 hours of sleep the previous night owing to the fact that one ate too much the previous day, one can only be scientifically acute. Now here goes my take on how inaccurate that statement is. When you think about it, or even if you don’t, like I care….The moon is closer to Earth than any star…even the nearest star, our good old Sun. So why in the devil would I aim for something so nearby and expect to end up somewhere far beyond where I aimed….the whole point of the above statement, in my mind, and probably that of the genius philosopher who was high on moonshine was that the stars were more achievable a target than the moon which was the brightest object in the night sky.

Either that, or one was being overly optimistic about setting ones goals. And to think we would quote this sort of scientifically inaccurate mumbo-jumbo as ‘Thoughts for the day’ in our morning assembly at school. No wonder us managers are groomed with absolutely funny ideas about success and setting ones goals. It’s the school system I tell you. They’re messing it up for everyone.

I remember one of the chaps in one of our business communication classes saying ‘aim for the moon, you’ll reach the tree tops’…made a little more sense. At least it was a more quantifiable goal.