The weirdly cool part about being 25…

We’re nearing the end of the course and some of the folks are going on a mini-vacation. Now, as expected, I’m not going. Why expected? Because the lord is never kind to me in these matters. The thing is, I am still looking for a suitable career break….and they seem hard to come by given the fact that I am stubborn and pig headed regarding the industry I want to go to. So, I’m heading home to continue the job hunt. I spent most of the afternoon cursing the good lord as to why he never gives me a decent break and how while most of my peers seem financially or emotionally well off, no matter what I try, matters just seem to get worse.

I began watching the John Mayer ‘Where the Light is’ concert which I downloaded. Ooops! No I mean which I paid full money for and bought from the white market. Buying habits aside, John Mayer made a couple of statements at the start which I thought were really something to think about. I’ll quote them directly:

“Part of me doesn’t like it when everything works. I don’t think anybody likes it when everything works. When I was 25, I never wanted anything to work, I knew that those were the years I was supposed to be fighting it out. And to expect your whole life to be at a place where you’re going to fight it out, and then you later on realize that now you don’t have to anymore. It’s only fun when you are trying to get it in your grasp.“

And oddly, in my personal moment of utter anguish, this made a whole lot of sense. I think my generation have become too spoilt and expect everything to happen NOW! We want our fancy cars now, we want our big houses now, we want our money now, we want our relationships now, we want marriage now, sex now, food now…it’s all about ‘now’. Only a handful of us ever have and will ever go through the agony of having to wait for something and not taking the world for granted. And the world has mostly been kind enough to us to hand most of it on a platter.

If you think I’m off my rocker, take a look at our parents. At least when I look at my folks, I see two strong people who enjoy every minute they live…every minute savoring life because all they have is something they’ve had to fight for and be patient…and they’re rock steady. Even if it is a small house, or a small car, they understand the struggle they went through to get it. My dad had to work 8 whole years before he could buy his first car, and here we have me whining at 23 that I don’t have access to a car….and just this afternoon I was cursing 25 where I don’t have money, I am still hunting for a job, I am in no relationship and have never been in one....and somehow, as of this moment I seem oddly thankful that I don’t have any of this.

I feel grateful that I am being given a chance to fight it out and not just have plans click and not have that nice shiny job from day zero…because I think I learnt more about myself over the last two months, which is a complete ego booster for my narcissist self , which would have otherwise been a lost opportunity. I’m 25 and I’ve got many years of fighting ahead of me before I can really get everything….and given the world we have today which is so much more awesome than when our folks started out at 25 with hopes and dreams in their eyes….I really have nothing to lose. And you look at a lot of the successful people in the world, they sort of manage to get their act together when they are 30. Top actors, CEOs, business men and women….and I honestly have nothing to complain about because I am in esteemed company. And I’ve got 5 whole years ahead of me before I need to really start worrying.

So 25 really rocks….the uncertainty of it all. The whole ‘nothing makes sense’ bit and the whole ‘ Where am I going’ bit are actually quite exciting…but I really should not take them seriously. I’ve got a while for it to really work itself out. Who knows, two years after working at some job, I might give it all up to become a full time writer for a major music publication ( Think ‘Almost Famous’). Anything can happen…Just got to enjoy the ride.