MBA grads for football Managers

Here’s a random thought that popped into my head after my much beloved Manchester United crashed out in such un-dramatic fashion from the Champions League (Oh…I wish a plague upon the house of Robben). Now, football is a game of strategy which involves playing the opposition, putting your best combination while striking the right balance between strike and defense and at the same time changing strategy half way through the game based on requirements, injuries and what not.

PS: For those of you who thought,” hey, just like cricket…”I might be generous enough to give the same to test cricket…not the IPL. IPL is just people going nuts while swinging the bat ever so wildly. Do not be confused by the word ‘strategy’ in ‘Strategic Time-out’…it’s just a way to get more advertisements in.

PPS: If you still want to argue, come back to me when EA make a game called ‘Cricket Manager’. We have ‘Football Manager’. So there… (Sticks tongue out at them cricket fans)

Now, instead of getting all these dim-witted managers who could barely play football themselves, and are just looking to prolong their long anonymity into the football world, why not get some of these hotshot MBA types to be managers? If we are as good as we claim, we ought to look at everything from a strategic point of view and be able to put out the best team. Get some of these hotshot Harvard types and see if they are worth their salt….in fact, get those ‘class topper’ types to see whether they can actually make use of their infinite wisdom (cough cough ….puke) with which they would arrogantly sell their soul to some consulting firm to make long winding 200 page reports that could easily be explained in 3 pages. (You consultants do that….and you know it). In fact, here is an experiment, why can’t some of the Indian Football clubs hire the top MBA grads (very tempted to say ‘From Great Lakes Institute of Management’, but that would be too much) and see if these guys can not only win, but also create a brand for football in India? It’s a plan…a business plan….hey! Technically, this is my first business plan while at MBA. Nice! I have learnt well….