The Convocation…

Ladies and Gentlemen, yours truly is now officially an MBA graduate…or holder of PGPM certificate considered equivalent of an MBA. (PS: For those unaware, most Indian B-schools give you a PGPM degree…not an MBA, so don’t think of my prized possession as anything less). It was a great convocation, barring a few friends who were absent; it was nice seeing everyone in my batch happy for once. Through all those roller coaster up and downs we’ve been through over the year, it was really nice to see smiles on everyone’s faces. And I must admit I cried a little when we got to throw those funny hats into the air. It was one awesome feeling that has taken many years in the waiting, and boy, after a long time, something felt this great.

Now, I need to point out that among the family away from family, I am the first MBA grad. So yaaay! Allow me to explain. No matter how old you get, when you’re with friends you have grown up with, there is always that silly childish pride in being the first to get something totally irrelevant to ones friendship. By this I mean, things like the first bike, first cellphone, first computer, first graphics card, first to have a girlfriend, first to get married…and many others. And it is this silly competition that probably comes out of being friends from school for so long that it really does not matter, but still matters. I’ve always been bringing up the rear on most of those matters. I got my first two wheeler way after everyone else, I am yet to get a license too. I got the cellphone way after everyone else. And I am certainly not the first to get married….let’s not even talk about the GF bit. But, here I am…the first to hold an MBA. And there’s this odd childish sort of joy that swells up in me that has kept me grinning these last few days.

Now that all this is done, it’s time to get back to making the most of what I hope is going to be on awesome life ahead. Wish me luck folks! Let’s hope I don’t have to wait ten more years for the next big achievement.