A cynic's point of view...I share it.

This came in one of the many forwards in my mail box. ( Sender has been excused for now...but further irrelevant spam will not be tolerated). Found this pretty hilarious and extracted the good parts. This is for the guys.... on how you know a girl likes you....or not.

She plays with her hair while talking to you or while looking at you. (Really? Well it could be that she is using the Dove hair conditioner that makes you want to touch your hair…haven’t seen the ad eh?)
She touches her neck. (Seriously? What if she is having a stiff neck that’s hurting real bad? ).
She looks at you with dreamy eyes and looks at your lips. (Well, about the dreamy thing… Make sure its not dope and as for your lips, may be you got some ketchup or mustard from that sandwich you ate for lunch!).
She laughs at every joke you make even if it’s a crappy one. (Well, may be she is just being polite.)
She blushes when she sees you. (May be she remembers some silly joke about you her friend told her last week.)