I’m a Reader

For those of you who had images of Kate Winslet in your head, please get them out. I still can’t figure out how she even got nominated for that movie…anyway! Disclaimer: the following post is a completely sexist yet obvious post, and I do not wish to be judged on the basis of this post. Am not this creepy in real life(or virtual life….or any other life). So here goes.

I never understood why girls wore t-shirts which had some sort of slogan or writing, or anecdote on them and expect the guys not to read. It’s probably the only reading some guys have ever done in their entire lives.(Humph….typical philistines) But then, when you (you refers to the female population) wear a shirt which has “Eyes up here” written across it, how can you expect us not to look. And some times, girls just try too hard to be cute (or so they think) by wearing a shirt that says “I’m one of those bad things that happen to good people”. Puh-lease…I am not going to believe that when you’ve got dorky glasses on and your hair is all platted up. Black Nail-polish….more than necessary piercings…I might buy the story.

It’s bad enough that some of the t-shirts have slogans, some of them have full length cartoons. I remember this girl who has some super-hero thing going, so I stopped her to read (PS: girl was known to me, so no “Mr.sandal… meet Mr.Face” happened), and was so engrossed in the plot line, I forgot that other people would have misunderstood me for being a total pervert. The girl was kind enough to point this out and the fact I was embarrassing her. But then, why do you people wear clothes that are….for lack of a better word… a ‘catalyst’ for bad behavior from us dudes. The rules don’t apply to a guy who thinks he’s being all ‘dude’ by wearing a shirt that says “FBI :Female Body Inspector” over his well toned 4 pack bicep tricep intercept concept body which has come at the cost of him turning into a human-resembling-ape man with the manners of a Gorilla….which is way ‘Oooh La La’ to the ladies than check shirt wearing, hair in place ,decent, slightly on the larger side of life, MBA grad with Activa, well mannered bloggers. ( The last point was just a random example…not implying anything).

So what does someone of Salman-Rushdie-isk charm and wit like me do when I see a girl with something written on her shirt…I try my best not to read…but sometimes, I just can’t help it. There are ones who decide to wear a ‘Doors’ or a ‘Nirvana’ T-shirt without knowing Morrison from Cobain which has entire lyrics on them. Le Musician in me has to read, and maybe hum the tune too, throw in a little air guitar as well. I am not trying to impress the damsel…no no no…. at least not these “ I luv rock music” ,but I listen to Backstreet Boys because they’re soooooooo cute types . I won’t even get into the details of those who are asking for it by wearing shirts with slogans like’ S** bomb’, ‘I’m lost…take me home!’ T-shirts. The worst was this foreign dame I saw at the mall who had a white T-shirt on that had ‘Got Milk’ written on it (Picture of Superman with the ‘milk moustache’ on the back)….I’m not judging here! But come on….at least she had a sense of humour. Oh wait! She was Blonde! (PS: I was not checking out the girl….but must thank her for inspiring this entry)