Just because it is there….

A lot of my friends are going to hate me for this (especially the girls who could probably introduce me to ‘the one’ someday…or to ‘ones that lead up to The one’)…but what is it with women and make up at weddings? I find myself at this age where most of the folks I know are getting married or engaged. And thanks to facebook, we get to share fond memories of all their special moments at the wedding. Unfortunately, the lateral thinker and observer in me notices ‘the make-up’ which seems to have exploded on the faces of all the brides.

And these are very good looking women ( and I am not just saying that for brownie points) who look very presentable without make up or light make up, who for some odd reason decided that just because it was their one special day (I hope it stops at one….I will die thinking of a gift if I have to attend a second wedding….. can I get the same thing in a different colour? Ooops…I digress), and just because they have paid that ‘make-up’ person type thing to be there, they need value for money…sooooo….put it all on. All the photos have brides who are a deadly shade of white thanks to the foundation and shades of pink blush (or green on a friend whose make up person obviously was colour blind) and some shiny type thingy. Either all the make-up artists in India suck, or it’s a conspiracy by this one dude to see if someone notices his/her work.

Imagine this, a wedding in Chennai (my cousin’s) where it was hot as hell…people are already sweating, and she decided that make up might make things better. Scenario was not thought of completely. Gallons of foundation to make her resemble a corpse and then blinding lights to make her….ahem…glow (in the dark…lol…that would be cool though) and she’s sweating all the more. And the reason she gave was “I put that all on because …well…it was there…and I like make-up”. I think all dames at weddings, who’ve entrusted work to a make-up guy are somewhat like me at a buffet. Why do I eat so much at buffets… “oh well…because it’s there…all that food…value for money”. Analogy gone awry. But oh so true.

Ladies, please take some advice from this very objective observer (PS: I am single….so I have all the right to be objective), DO NOT put on make up on your wedding day just because it is there. If you look good with minimum make-up , so be it. Your mummy and all those aunties, and that evil elder cousin sister who is jealous that you are getting married before her might tell you that you look ‘soooooooooo pretty’. They’re lying. They are in cahoots with all these blog writers who will write about how they took your pretty face and removed the adjective. (Just an example…no…your elder sister did not pay me…either in cash…or kind…or’ Ya know’). I can understand if you’re the types who believe they’ve got some sort of inferiority complex and that hiding behind a veil of make-up will make you look like the next best thing after Gul Panag, but no….don’t be mistaken. The whole point of wearing make up is to look like you are not wearing make up….or so I’ve heard in some chick flick that I was tricked into going.