The sweet smell of IT…or was that lunch?

Well, today was my first some-what big IT conference. Organized at the ever-so-fancy ITC Gardenia hotel, the conference was on Cloud Computing and was…guess what …FREE!!! So, I as always was eager to attend these conference type thingies to get to network with folks from other companies and learn a lot of new stuff. I kid, I go for freebies like cheap paper bags, key chains and the ever so famous lunches and snack. (PS: If the bosses are reading this…I kid…I learnt a lot…when I was awake!) So there I am, prompt as always at the venue to survey all the stalls (for free goodies)…learn a thing or two from our competitors before they find out who I am…and the all-so-famous business card exchange. Yes, us MBA types are very lame with that.

I was sipping the amazing tea in the corner when I observed this fairly ambitious dude exchanging cards. Okay. That’s normal. But there was a pattern there. The dude was exchanging cards only with the …. very well dressed IT girls there. You know….the ones that make you wait for ‘Casual Friday’! Brainwave! The 13 year old in me goes, “Dude! This is a killer strategy to pick up chicks! Or at least get their phone numbers”. And since I had tried the same in college with this very hot consultant from PWC, I believed the strategy would work. So before any of my colleagues showed up, I decided to work on the same strategy. Hey! We’re MBA types…Strategy runs in our blood! But sometimes, blood clots. Strategy fell flat on its face as the first dame I asked turned out to be part of the organizing team and did not have a card. Retreating back into my shell, I observed as stud-boy seemed to have known something I did not. He had a nice collection of cards by the time the conference started. God Damn well built bastard in his fancy slim-fit suit and blackberry.

Anyway, after that absolutely heinous attempt, I attended the first half of the conference which was actually quite good and got to learn some killer new stuff in business with IT tools. Then comes noon, and time for yet another great conquest with results that I am sure are in my favour. THE BUFFET!!! And yes…they had 4 non veg dishes. Went to a private corner and performed a mini celebration and thanked the lord for keeping this in my life. I lost all decency and public ethical behavior taught to me by my parents and ate about 3 rounds of food. I knew this was a bad combination for the second session, but hey… I did not do my MBA to eat bad food. Maybe the women and fast cars won’t come my way…but I’ve got food! So muhahaha! Bing-fest!

And with all that yummy in my tummy, the second session was pure horror. All the business vanished and out came the developers. OMG! All that jargon and all those questions were in some language I did not understand.(Later turns out the language was Java) Got to blink a lot and feel totally lost in the crowd of developers. Anyway, got to learn some new jargon like this thing called “Tomcat”…obviously, I had a few Jerry-Mouse jokes in my head and something else called B-pause…dunno! Anyway, the lunch had the expected effect on me with all the tech bits coming into play, had to fight sleep! And boy did sleep win!

Anyway, looking forward to more excited business related conferences with many more freebies and lunches.

PS: We MBA in IT types live for freebies.