Flush to disconnect

I’m sure a lot of people…especially the guys will relate to this, maybe some of you even do this and are part of the inspiration for this post. ‘Do what’ you ask? Be disgusting. That’s what. It always annoys me when people take phone calls in the loo. It’s worse when they’re not just saying ‘Busy, will call you in a few minutes.’ But are instead either having long conversations with some customer (who I think they lost after he heard the sound of the flush) or with their significant others (who is now wondering how she fell in love with this filthy pig…after hearing the sound of the flush). The sound of the flush is very integral to the entire plot…..sort of symbolizes the end of the relationship.

It’s out right disgusting. And the new touch screen phones make things even more disgusting. No sir! I would not like to see or touch your iphone any more! It’s even worse if you’re talking to someone assuming they’re comfortably seated …on a chair (just realized ‘comfortably seated’ could mean something else) and you’re having a serious discussion with them and then you hear the sound of the flush. It just totally throws me off my guard and makes me lose my concentration. I imagine germs travelling over the GSM network and giving me some weird illness. I’m a total Monica when it comes to making telephone calls from the loo.


Me: “ I believe we could look to integrate the two service lines and create a single bundle and take it to the market.

Other: “sure sounds good, maybe we could target a new geo. What do you say?

(Sound of the flush)

Me:”erm..yeah, ok. Talk to you tomorrow

( The above was a fictitious conversation…similar things have happened)


Me:” Dude, did you check that dame out? Totally hot she looked…. Give me an intro dude.”

Other:” yeah! I have her phone number….give her a call. You want it?

(Sound of the flush)

Me:”erm…no….erm….later dude

(This was also a fictitious conversation….my evil friends do not introduce me to any girls, and even otherwise, I am like ‘Courage the cowardly dog’!)

Assuming the above happened, the first thing that would pop into my head if I were to ever talk to this dame over the phone would be how I got her phone number. Or, every time I hear a flush, I'd think of her. Weird! Creepy! And definite cause for recommending a good shrink! I'm odd at remembering people that way!

What’s worse than all of this? Dude uses the loo…you see him not wash his hands, is still on the phone with the other hand, suddenly recognizes you….either puts his hand out for a handshake...or even worse, pats you on the back! Uggghhhh! And so far, I've only come across guys being disgusting this way....so like some John Mayer song, I appeal to all the girls -Please don't ever pick up your phones in the loo! Allow us men the honour of being disgusting!