Simple logic Pt.1 (the first of many random parts)

I normally don't share private chats, but this was one of those many epiphanies in my life where I come up with logic that shatters the very fabric of time and space.....must share with the world.

Friend : Heading to the Rocky Mountians this weekend da

me:'ll be eating chocolate flavoured chocolate chip ice cream on the road na
then it would be rocky road


me: ROFL


me: I kill myself

Friend: i'll only do that!

me: american geography sucks...

Friend:mine too... but ur PJs suck even worse

me: dooooode
what ya expect
if PJs got better...they lose the P
and they are plain Js....
so the point is to make them worse

Friend: with that sentence, i think my IQ took a dip of about 30 points!