Why so depressed?

Ever notice any of this big CEO – manager type fellows going to work in their big fancy Audi or Mercedes? Those chaps just don’t seem happy at all. In fact, they don’t even look moderately pleased with the fact that they can access their blackberry and laptop in a nice spacious air-conditioned car while the poor premier B-school grad who makes all their ppts gets a free sun tan in Bangalore traffic while standing near his Activa. (Am not hinting at anything….random example I say)

I’ve been stuck in traffic way too many times this month (PS: World Cup…so have been waking up late for work) and am spending my spare time conducting my own little empirical study. My conlusion: “ The degree of the frown on the CEO's face is directly proportional to the status of the car he drives”. I understand that you chaps have empires that are precariously balanced on the tip of a pin and that one wrong decision from you will crumble an empire, but do you have to look that f**ked up in life? Ever heard of this concept of smiling? Dude is sitting in the back seat with a frown on his face that reminds me of a UKG kid who was just told that he won’t get any chocolate and is not allowed to play outside. Next to him, fancy Macbook and iPhone in hand. Dude has even got a driver whose white outfit is worthy of being in an Ariel v/s Tide detergent ad. And yet this CEO fellow seems so depressed.

Fresh manager grad (who is still single) and can’t afford a car, let alone a driver is standing in the sun bobbing his head to his favourtite tune on the ipod (which for all practical purposes is his paramour), and grumpy CEO stares and goes right back to sending that all important email to his secretary, “ Will be late…postpone meetings by ten minutes .Make that another 10 minutes in case we….ahem….go over your dictation”.

You know what the problem with you CEO types is? You’ve come so far and you’re just not enjoying yourself. Stop reading that paper. Get the f**k out of the back seat and drive your own car to work…turn the volume way up loud and head bang. Allow your driver to read the newspaper to you. I am sure you did not do all that hard work and buy that fancy car to let some class 8 pass driver drive it. Quoting the Joker “WHY SO SERIOUS?” Get a life, when you get new recruits in the company, look to change the culture…don’t try and make them into mini versions of you. No wonder people hate their work…they are so busy trying to be the grumpy CEO. I’d choose my Activa (hypothetically speaking) and being single (again hypothetically speaking) and head banging to my iPod than to be grumpy, owning a fancy car I never drive, corner office with a view I never look out of and being married to a woman I rarely meet because I’m so busy selling my soul to the corporate devil.

Sesame Street for IT Managers