Random Broadway musical micro-break down

Lately, thanks to the Bangalore traffic and sudden random changes in my responsibilities at work ,a lot of which falls into my lap when I am rudely awoken from day dreaming at long winding jargon-drivel…I meant jargon-driven meetings when someone takes my name. Anyway, I’ve been having these micro-breakdowns which last for about 10 seconds where you do something totally random just to get the heebie-jeebies out of your system.

Take yesterday for example, as I approached the office, I was welcomed with one of those awesome traffic jams that take 45 minutes to cover 2 kilometers (Americans….please convert to ‘miles’) and seeing the traffic I suddenly got excited lifted my hands off the bike and sang out loud (from Annie) “the sun will come out tomorrow….tomorrow….tooooooomoooooroooooooow” and began clapping. And that was it. I think I frightened away the girl on the scooty next to my vehicle. She stared at me for about ten seconds as though she was waiting for my head to explode or something and then rode away. Not even a cute smile which is indicative of her thinking “ haha…watte cute retard!”.

The day progresses fairly uneventfully at work until suddenly at 3:30 PM, I get this urge to do a medley from Chicago. I go to the pantry where no one is there, do a quick 10-15 second dance and song medley of ‘we both reached for the gun’ ‘all that jazz’ and ‘mister cellophane’…full dance n all. And that was it, I was fine. Imagine me singing

'I'm gonna rouge my knees
And roll my stockings down
And All That Jazz.’

I would have made a very good Catherine Zeta Jones….hey! New break away career choice – lead in a broadway musical!!! I can see it now…. ‘Overweight phantom of the Opera’ ‘ The Sound of Mucus’ ‘ Less miserable’….

I’m honestly a little worried. Is that part of my brain that filters out insanity undergoing some sort of trauma? Well, I can use that as an excuse for the last 20 odd years. Maybe I just need a holiday? Or maybe I just need to eat a really killer steak and all will be well. Anyone else have these random breakdowns?Oh wait, this morning I woke up (awesome no? I woke up…most people do something else) and while brushing my teeth started my own rendition of Figaro’s Aria from the Barber of Seville….awesome no? My day has not even begun and I’m already breaking down…maybe I had a dream about work and ppts or something equally boring.