Silly Nostalgia

I really don’t know what to make of this concept of nostalgia. On one hand, it gives you this nice warm fuzzy feeling inside (but that might be the chicken from today’s lunch) that reminds you of all the good times you’ve had. And on the other hand, it sort of depresses me that one might not ever get times that are as good if not better. What if that was the best fun you’ve ever had and you did not make the most of it? Anyway, this long weekend had a couple of really silly moments that had me all nostalgic.

I remember always heading to GRT Temple Bay for an awesome buffet breakfast of omelets, sausages and the works with the gang on days when we had nothing to do and pretty much clearing the place up. And come this long weekend, the first after many months, I was suddenly overcome by the feeling that I needed to do the same. However, trip to Chennai this month has been postponed owing to large credit card bills from the previous month. Sigh!( Note to self: Make more money!) So I went to Koshy’s ( those in Bangalore would be familiar) and had a similar awesome breakfast all by myself. To give me company was my ipod with my favourite tunes and this month’s Rolling Stone magazine. Didn’t expect friend’s to be enthusiastic to step out at 9 in the morning. And boy did I have a good time. That’s not the bit that was making me nostalgic.

The really silly part came about when I went to a restaurant and to the washroom. For those of you who got any funny ideas, nothing happened. I digress. Anyway, the tap on the sink in the washroom was one of those automatic spring type taps….the ones where you give it a press on the top and after about 1 minute, thanks to a spring system, it automatically closes the valve shutting off the water. And I got all sentimental and nostalgic looking at the tap because it was exactly similar to the ones we had in our washrooms at college (Great Lakes). I stood there for a good 5 minutes, wasting water by just jabbing the tap everytime it stopped and remembering all the fond memories of college.

Weird! Funny things can make you nostalgic and it is annoying as to when it creeps up behind you at some really odd places. Kind of reminded of Monica when she broke up with Richard where every little silly thing reminded her of him. Sheesh! I’m becoming sentimental like a girl. Okay! Time to do some guy stuff! Am going to play some counter strike, drink beer and watch porn….I mean ‘discovery channel’! (Relatives or judgmental folks reading this….I don’t know what this ‘porn’ word means… I don’t know who Jenna Jameson or Tera Patrick are….I really don’t!!!)