And the crowd goes wild….

Last weekend marks a milestone in my life….a milestone that must be reached, mostly at an early age, by almost every idli-vada filter coffee loving Tamilian….I went for my first Rajinikanth tamil movie.I am ashamed to admit that I am experiencing this ‘rite of passage’ very late….but better late than never! I went with the folks to see Enthiran. I will be honest and say that I thought it was a very entertaining movie…. Had incorporated every joke I had read on those many internet forwards, the best one being ‘Rajinikanth knows the ending of ‘Inception’’.

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and was laughing right through, although I am sure that the movie was supposed to address the eternal Asimov conundrum of man vs. machine, who is superior…or was it something else? Anyway, the movie starts and the crowd goes frickin wild….the last time I saw a crowd in a cinema go nuts in this fashion was …….wait….I can’t remember. And hat’s off to the film maker for addressing his new audience which is predominantly IT junta ( those of you who got offended….so be it…. ). Am sure most of you have seen the movie, if you’ve not, may you burn in hell…kidding da….okay! Spoiler alerts….. When the cop asks Chithi (Watte a whacko name for a robot) his address, in my head, I was thinking, please don’t say You non-IT mortals, shame on you for not knowing the importance of…. and luckily, he never said that IP address, but stated some random IP address, and the IT junta went wild. I was laughing in pain because I got that joke, my poor folks on the other hand wondered why everyone was laughing. And the man addressed a whole host of typical IT junta problems….the most important being ‘work-life’ balance. Now I am sure tons of my coding buddies would be thinking ‘If I can get a robot like me, then I can stay late in the office to impress the boss….and the robot can take care of my girlfriend/wife’. Guys, don’t! While in the movie the Robot asks Aishwarya aunty if she did not love him, because there was no sex involved and that he was just a machine…..was I the only one thinking the robot came back from the dead n all, but did not think of an…alternate solution! Okay! Family blog….will not say anything!

Another thing I must commend Shankar for is the formations he made with those many robots…sure took the fun out of all those school day pyramid and so-called gymnastic formations, you know…the ones where the only time they call on the fat chubby kid, who ever so excitedly goes up thinking ‘ Finally, a sport where my weight can come in handy!!!’ only to discover the PT master say ‘ Aey, fatty! You become base of pyramid I say…you are fat, so you very strong!’ My thoughts to the man, ‘I if am strong, then how about we put me against that Cedric Diggory equivalent pretty boy in a wrestling match….am sure I can give him a bruise or two so that those air-head girls he has on either arm can act stupid and show the wimp some sympathy’….but nooooo!!! Sports are meant only for the slim guys…. Weight has no place in sport! Anyway, I digress…my bad. Just that, all those killer formations, especially the ‘ball of death’ one brought back some emotionally and physically painful memories from school. But still, I think Rajinikanth has kicked Agent Smith’s butt in the replication business. Oh, another point to note, the great one has matured to such a level that only he can kick his own ass.

On a more bitter note, let’s talk about Aishwarya Rai. I think she has a set of about 8-10 expressions, and she charges for what expressions she would use. Most of the expressions in this movie were exactly similar to those from Ravanan. Auntyji, please get rid of this damsel-in-distress look!!! Sheesh! At least, she was not deadly white in this one while standing in the rain while perpetually crying and no signs of mascara on her cheeks! But then, hats off on the Kilimanjaro song that was shot on Machu Pichu(Ironic song). Very colourful, and thanks to you, all the extras in the background looked attractive. And what’s with you walking into those slum areas dressed like ‘that’ and not expect trouble !!! Sheesh! Anyone else feeling very insecure about their doctor’s skills after looking at the way Aishwarya Rai was studying? I know people who did that in school…and OMG, it is frightening! Yelling “ The appendix needs to be cut off when inflamed” about a dozen times to ensure you don’t forget it, kind of dents my trust in the new bunch of doctors coming out.

Anyway, before I go on a Rai-bitching spree, let’s come back to the movie. I was alright with the script writers mocking every sci-fi movie on the planet, except the 5-second song sequence where Rajinikanth pulls out a Light Saber and mauls the so-called villains. Dude, you DO NOT MOCK STAR WARS!!!! EVER!!! Will kick you in the nuts if I see you in person. That was probably the only low point in the movie. Chiti robot, you may have magnetism skills…but Darth Vader has ‘The Force’ on his side. He will win!

Anyway, for a first time experience of watching a Rajinikanth movie in a theater, I must say, I was impressed. The movie was a spectacular masala time pass movie. But if I ever catch one of my IT guys trying to be cute and say ‘Dot’ at the end of a conversation, I’m going all Ghajini on your skinny behind!!!