Movie Review: ‘ Skyline’ …and ‘ The Social Network’

Spoiler alert! There may be parts of this movie revealed, so don’t say I did not warn you. Here goes.

Skyline….Sigh! What can I say about this movie? Very promising trailer – which is why I went to see it in the first place, and in the end, quite a letdown. This is why marketing guys are going to hell for sure. We make you gullible people part with your money and sell you sub-standard crap. If it was awesome crap, you can use it in the garden at least to grow rose bushes. Wait wait….why am I apologizing on behalf of my marketing fraternity for your stupidity? Anyway, the fact remains that the last great alien invasion movie remains ‘Independence day’. Of late, I must say I’ve stopped liking these ‘end-of-the –world’ type movies...single guy, 2012 and all that. This movie had a lot of promise, and for once, the human race was not triumphing thanks to motivating speeches against E.Ts, we were actually losing. Nothing worked.

There I am sitting, expecting a nice ‘world-in-ruins’ ending …or reality, because I know when the aliens come down here to boogie, we are so getting our butts whooped. Here is where the entire movie just got annoying….the aliens harvest us for our brains, which they use as batteries to run themselves, which is kind of ironic if you think about it considering that humans don’t use it at all. They abduct the leading couple, who are obviously in loooooouuuuuuuuuuvve and are pregnant. The brain of the male dude is harvested and is transferred to one of the creatures there while the woman is being harvested for her baby. Their love is so strong, that this creature with the protagonist’s brain hears the woman crying for help and basically morphs into her BF. So, this dude basically becomes the alien but with the thoughts and heart of a human. And he goes about wrecking the mothership.

This is the point where you pull a ‘facepalm’.

Moral of the movie: Love triumphs of superior alien technology.

I thought the corniest ending to an alien invasion movie was ‘ War of the Worlds’ where overnight, the aliens die because apparently, they had not earned their right to live on earth while the human species had fought through 65 million years of evolution. This reminded me of how they would give out trophies at school. The house with the least trophies won the ‘overall best house’ trophy, so as not to demoralize them. Since when did ‘survival of the fittest’ become like when the youngest cousin got to choose which restaurant everyone went to, just because they were the youngest. WTF….

Anyway, I digress as usual… I should change my name to ‘tangent’. Anyway, the movie was absolute rubbish. In terms of effects, there is nothing new to see. Same old same old. As far as the ending goes, it’s your god damn fault for going and watching it despite me telling you not to, and you deserve to lose your money.

Might I suggest ‘The Social Network’ instead, which is a pretty neat movie and was really well made. Good dialogues. The movie is probably every IT programmer’s ‘Wall Street’. I myself am inspired to create a .com start up soon, but am sure the initial craze will fade away. They movie is a great portrayal of the saying ‘Behind every successful man is a woman’….however, she need not be the one egging him along, she could also say mean things to him and make him a workaholic with a great idea. So all you women who are mean to the ‘non-six’ pack male community, just you wait….we’re taking the world back. And your stupid 6-pack male friend will be made to serve us coffee and beg for an internship in our company.

Sorry about that! Irrelevant emotional outburst! My bad…. Anyway, the social network is probably the one film I’ve really liked after ‘Inception’ this year. Suggest you do go and watch it. It just puts in a whole new perspective than just a mere social networking tool. Also, those with entrepreneurial itches, I suggest you get a girlfriend who ditches you, and then you can create some awesome stuff out of total rage. So I’m off to the bar…..see you all around. By the way, what happened to that Orkut Buyokutton fellow? Are they making a sequel to ‘Almost Famous’???