2nd Greatest Inheritance

It’s finally happened. As of last week, I received what I regard is the second best inheritance ever. I got dad’s old car while he decided to go in for a new one. I am now the proud owner of an 8 year old Santro which is in very good condition (minor repairs needed). First things first, the music system got the much needed upgrade. Previously, it only had a radio and would play tapes….tapes? You remember those things you put into Walkmans? Remember Walkmans? Anyway.

At least for the next few months, you are guaranteed a pleasant demeanor from me. You, dear reader, will no longer have to hear embarrassing Activa stories. Now you will hear stories of how an old lady in a Scorpio drove me off the road or something like that. Or stories of how I am now the official chauffer for all relatives who come to town. Dad no longer has to drive them around, as I am single with no scope and armed with a car….so we might as well put me to good use. PS: The latter is true. Before I get angry and wonder how I got conned into these responsibilities, I ask myself, “What would Spiderman say?”….'With great power comes great responsibilities.'

Some friend’s all seem to be of the same opinion that going forward, the dating scene for me should improve. I still fail to see how. They are convinced, so I guess some of us have to be blindly optimistic. How is me driving an 8 year old Santro supposed to impress anyone? Unless that is going to help me lose weight....Anyway, all that apart, I look forward to taking those long drives into the country side on weekends, and am happy to no longer have to battle the rain and cold en route to work. And that is good enough for me right now. So yaaaay! Proud owner of a 4 wheeler. woo hoo !!!!!