General ranting because I’m too bored to focus….

Why do I have to work this week? It’s a sin to make anyone work this week. There are hardly any people in the office, all my customers and partners are on leave, so why am I at the office? And we all know that nothing productive is going to happen this week, so why am I being tortured to think of what goals/tasks to accomplish this week? I normally never have a problem, but this week, I don’t care. I am weak this week. I want to stay snug in bed and watch season 1 of Glee.

All of a sudden I want to go abroad. Not because everyone I know are going abroad. But I’m bored here. And I am terribly jealous of all the music shows my friends get to attend while all we get is Bryan Adams for the fourth time. When is Metallica, U2, John Mayer, others coming? There I said it. I am jealous of people who go to better music shows than I do. I want to go abroad. This loan business is killing me financially, and by the time I save up to go….some other crappy responsibility will come through. This sucks! Responsibility sucks! Life is moving too slow....I want things to happen NOW!

I felt lousy this Christmas because no one gave me any presents. Was hoping for a Christmas miracle, but the good lord discounted all my good deeds for the year. Come on dude! The last time I did something evil to someone was when I broke that guy’s tooth in class 8, you can’t hold that grudge against me. I thought 4 years of engineering was supposed to be enough punishment, apparently not. Shame on you for doing this to me! There are more evil people in the world and they seem to be getting all the gifts (thinking Mr.Raja and Mr.Kalmadi) while I don’t even get a lump of coal. No presents…no miracles…only lousy informal greetings on FB where people tagged me and I spent most of Sunday morning clearing up reply message posts on those same greetings where their friends/family had replied.
PS: I bought a ‘Bournville’ and had it all by myself…..merry xmas to me!

I finally saw ‘It’s a wonderful life’ this Christmas. I loved the movie. Tried thinking how the world would be without me…turns out I did not like the picture. I have done nothing to help my fellow man. But then, fellow man did not give me Christmas gift. Fellow woman burnt mistletoe when I was around….so bah humbug! PS: It’s a nice movie…do watch!