Easily spoilt

By now, I hope you all know I have inherited dad’s old car while he bought a new one for himself. While the car has been awesome help in the cold and the traffic, I’ve not been able to get around to doing any significant long drives except randomly driving off in some direction where there is a road with less-than-average traffic. I will plan some decent trips after February when all the weddings I have to attend stop.

In my new role as designated driver, I am expected to drive mum, dad and other relatives around town. And I am supposed to be happy about doing this. It so happened that the other day, I had driven around and had parked the car outside the gate; came home and fell asleep. Dad being the awesome, nice, generous, caring, kind-hearted person that he is, (must say all these things to ensure continued help via inheritance….yes, I am shameless) decided to park the car inside. In my slumber, I can hear the man revving the car like no one’s business…but I’m too lazy to go and see what he was doing. He comes back up and says, “ Your car needs to be serviced….the clutch is too tight and the accelerator is not sensitive enough. In my car, I have to just touch the accelerator and the car glides like butter”. HELLO?!?!?!?!? Wasn’t this your car till a month ago? While I am happy that we have now clearly stated ownership on who owns which car, isn’t that being plain cocky? Turns out, in less than a month, my dad has gotten used to his new snazzy car with the super power brakes, accelerator, centralized locking and all those fancy things…..and now MY CAR is not good enough for you. Humph….men! Typical. (Erm…did I just say that?)

It turns out, I’m being a bit of a hypocrite here. The other day I took the Activa on a small errand to a nearby shop….yes! You read it right….I still ride the Activa now and then! As much as I may not like her, I cannot part with her. I came back feeling very annoyed that the pick-up was not as good as my car, and that the brakes were not as sensitive as my car. I came home and told mom,” I don’t know how I rode that infernal machine all this time.” Looks like it’s just human for us to get accustomed to the finer things in life very easily but find it very very annoying to have to go back to old ways. But that still does not give dad the right to mock MY car in front of his new car.

How many of you are like this? Bought a new touch screen phone, and then think all our button-based phones are inferior? Or bought a PS3 and look down upon PS2 owners? Or now drive and Activa and look down upon Scooty owners? Well, Scooty owners ought to be looked down upon…..Come on, Spill the beans…

Oh so much fun that it hurts…

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