All names in this article are fictional (or not) and may possibly bear resemblance to some people living, but come what may, the author of this blog will disclaim any knowledge of your existence and blame it on ‘Inception’ or ‘The Matrix’, whichever holds water in a court of law.

The mistakes of youth that leave scars forever are many. That is unavoidable….scars on your knee from trying to ride your bike off the roof of your one storey house, burn marks on your hand from holding a naked wire, jumping off a bus – in the wrong direction, burn marks on your tongue from sticking it into the power socket to see what electricity tastes like…you know, common stuff. But the cool part about all these scars is that one learns from their mistakes and hopefully as time goes by, they evolve. But then, one’s email address is not part of this evolution.

How many of you have more than one e-mail address thanks to all those free accounts being offered? I have about 7, but use only one. And how many of these e-mail IDs were created when you were in that awkward phase between 12 and 26 years of age? And how many of these are IDs you, assuming to be of sound body and mind, and self-respect, would you share with people today….by people, I mean a potential recruiter? I am sure most of us created IDs with adjectives and descriptions that symbolized our emotional state of mind at the moment, or the lack of clairvoyance that one would actually use these email IDs in the future when they attach their resumes with adjectives like “ the stuff CEOs are made of….” and send it from their email ID ‘’.

So here is the point I am trying to make….it’s still amazing as to how many people with post-graduate degrees have email IDs which are juvenile enough to write them off as a 13 year old wannabe junkie. I remember this resume from a female acquaintance…we’ll call her Girija for now with an email ID – There was nothing sexy about Girija…believe me. This person was actually expecting a job with a real company. How about those email IDs created by wannabe-goth-metal fans still in circulation. ‘’, ‘’ or ‘’….. and believe me, I am not making the IDs up. I have received resumes from people as recent as 2 years ago, with such IDS. Or how about girls with sappy pink email IDs like ‘’???? Her last name was not ‘Bunny’….and she does not work for playboy (I think she became a taxidermist or something).

Now if you think I’m only going to make fun of other people, allow me to share some of my email IDs with you…’’, ‘’, ‘’.....But this was my favourite yet….’’. I would like to point out that all these IDs were created after I made my first ID (currently in use) and I felt it was too boring and that it was not cool enough and would not help score with the ladies if I were to share my ID for those long ‘You’ve got mail’ type email-exchanges….sigh, the thinking of a 15 year old.

Now, we all make mistakes like these, but one hopes that with a graduate degree, some sense would prevail and one would create a simple ID with first and last name…or some equally boring variant of that to ensure that potential recruiters do not mock you during their coffee break..” hey guys, I received this resume from this fella who calls himself ‘stud_akash’…turns out, he’s referring to the stud on his ears.” It could be worse; they could blog about you too. I have nothing against jyothi_light, liverpool4eva_Jaggy or latha4U….but I do wish they change their email IDs when applying for a job at least. This is a sincere request from ‘Trex_nikhilesh’ that you please get more mature email IDs for official use at least.