Oh so much fun that it hurts…

Well folks, I’m back from what I deem ‘the most fun and awesome wedding I have been to ever’. Hard to imagine anything legal and socially acceptable that may top the amount of fun I’ve had over the last week or so. Allow me to introduce the couple, the groom and I have been studying together since class 7…so we’ve been friends forever. And he’s been the nice fellow to drop me back home when I’ve been stone drunk and passed out…twice.( And thrice if you include the wedding party). And the bride has been friends with us for over 10 years. And it is so heart-warming and cool (in a Karan Johar movie sort of way) to see these two who’ve been dating each other for almost a decade to finally get married. So this made us friend’s eligible for fun from both the groom and the bride’s side. So double fun!

It’s almost unbelievable that in this day and age one gets to see a romance actually mature into something sweet. We’ve been witness to the courting of these two for 10 years now, and even now they still behave like they met only yesterday and fell in love. It’s these kinds of things that allow me to keep the faith in this whole absurd unexplainable concept of love and what it can do. Ayyo….yikes! I’m writing about love and all that… wedding hangover! Excuse moi! Back to more serious stuff.

The last few days ware spent staying with the groom at his house in Meerut. And I’ve had so much fun being a part of their family and all the singing and the dancing that seems to happen every day. Yours truly danced…. And danced well he did. I’ve never ever danced at a barat before, but this time was so much fun. Going absolutely wild to almost every hindi song being played. See…I’m not all headbanging and metal….have got a desi avatar too. Some friend’s were a little shocked that I was dancing so much because I normally hate dancing in public and the only 2 times I went to a disco, I decided to sit by the bar. But I was in full form….and I was sober. Can you imagine that? Me? Sober? Dancing? At the same time? In public? PS: I did try the Salman Khan belt dance thing when they were playing some Dabaang songs…turns out a fat guy with a ponch adjusting his belt in dance fashion is not as attractive as Sallu bhai. Che… what to do. They did not play ‘Appdi podu podu’!

The wedding was so cool, and almost ‘Hum Aapke Hain Kaun’ types. Shoe-stealing, food, dancing, singing, fleeting romances on the side….and through all this, I felt exactly like Tuffy…you know…the Pomeranian in the movie who was around having all the fun but irrelevant to the plot type of person. (Basically a little miffed that I did not have a fleeting romance….but then, there was Blender’s Pride….so we know who got first preference) (Is ladke ka kuch nahin hoga….bhagwan isse bachaye) And it was nice after so long to meet some really old friends and make some new ones too. I always like making friends, and touch-wood, I’ve been fortunate to meet some interesting people. So yaay! We all did not get much sleep and spent a lot of hours chatting and talking….and drinking! It turns out I want to be the next ‘Bhagat Singh meets Raja Ram Mohan Roy’ type revolutionary when I am drunk! At least it’s better than,” Machaan, I love her da….I’m going to call her da!” This is kind of sad when you think about it, because even when drunk, I’ve got big plans for life and none of that has to do with chicks in Vegas or Thailand….boooooooring!

I’m way too excited to give a coherent account of what all happened, but in a nutshell, I love North Indian weddings because of all the fun and want to marry a North Indian girl if I ever come around to this marriage business. As I put it, North Indian weddings are like ‘marketing’ weddings….loud, fun, in your face, opulent; while south Indian weddings are ‘accounting’ weddings…everything in place, not fun, to the point with a purpose of being right than having fun. My brethren from the South suddenly want to have fun and are organizing Sangeeths and Mehandi nights and what-not…..but it’s so forced and just does not have the same punch. Say what you may, having fun at weddings is not in our blood. We are expected to hold morose faces and stare at the bride and grooms while they merely chant rituals, eat the killer food served on a banana leaf and go home, maybe even back to work sometimes if the wedding is over by 10 AM. And if you are expecting me to say that having a carnatic music face-off between the bride and groom’s side, you’re mistaken.

When I was mentioning that I want to marry a North Indian girl in passing to the folks, my Dad actually got worried and said that if I marry a North Indian girl, he does not have money for an opulent wedding and that unless that he was able to put at least a crore was on the table, the girl’s parents may not agree. Turns out I was just joking….Dad was taking me way too seriously. Sheesh! Ladka Heera hain…don’t know why he’s getting so worried. And I’ve got 3 cousins and 3 years before anyone should be worried about me. By ‘anyone’, this refers to family members only and the concept of arranged marriage aka ‘met through Bharatmatrimony.com’. Friends are still allowed to set me up with women friends of theirs. Lol….like that has ever happened or will ever happen.

Anyway, I officially love North Indian weddings. And I want to use my blog to wish the bride and groom all the very best for the many years ahead and wish them the same amount of fun everyday going forward. Cheers!