Why I am worried for the middle-east

Not a post on me being single? How can that be? Isn’t that the only thing that runs through that hamster-wheel driven mind of mine? Ladies and Gentlemen, I am not as superficial as you think. My extensive education (cough….cough….puke) allows me to be more aware of the world around me. And I do have an opinion on everything in the world that affects me….right from the El Nino effect to the Justin Bieber conundrum… it’s all serious. But nothing is more serious than what is happening in the middle east, and I think it is important to use this forum and address all you readers (namely you 22 faithful readers) about such grave global issues.

We’ve all been following what’s happening in the middle-east… a revolution that began in Tunisia, spread to Egypt like wildfire and now engulfs Libya. Brave scenes of the people sticking it to the man. It’s a good time to pull out those ‘Rage against the Machine’ albums….and if you’ve never heard of them, you should. It’s basically ‘Audioslave’ without Cornell….not heard of Audioslave or Chris Cornell? You should. It’s like ‘Rage against the Machine’ without Cornell and Zack de la Rocha instead. (Excuse me if you did not get the irony in that joke). Anyway, it’s a revolution and while the middle-east re-stabilizes itself over time, there is a big global problem that affects all of us. There is a lot of oil locked up in the Middle East and North Africa. And if country by country in that region begins to fall into a revolution, the price of oil is bound to rise. And if that happens, it’s going to take me longer to buy a PS3. (Aha….I knew it… back to superficiality)

This is a grave issue, if oil prices go up, that means I have to shell out more for those long aimless drives I go for. If the fuel prices increase, we are looking at an overall inflation of commercial goods. Food items would cost more as the cost of transportation would go up. If food begins to cost more, then restaurants would have to begin levying extra taxes on us, which means I end up paying more for the same amount of food I eat. With restaurants being my primary point of expenditure, I am left with less money. Which means, there would be less money going into the ‘Nikhilesh-needs-a-relationship-or-PS3’ fund (which stands at a proud figure of Rs.0) Do you not see the big picture? This is worse than when I had the appendix thingy and was not allowed any solid food for 10 days at the hospital. Life as we know it is coming to a slow sunset. And the budget today is most unfriendly to the middle class; things do not seem to be helping my PS3 cause at all. Assuming I do get enough money to eventually buy that PS3, I would find myself short of cash to buy games regularly. That’s like buying the car and not having the fuel to run it.

Hence, I pray for peace and quick resolution of tensions in the Middle East and other oil bearing nations. I’m also really happy that the MBA(towards which I worked so hard(ly)) is paying off and is allowing me to see the bigger economic impact of global issues on local issues. What is it about the Middle East that affects you the most? We can get together and exchange notes if you too are facing PS3 issues, maybe get drunk and sing sad songs or something...