I’m either just a moron….or I am easily bored.

Took the car for a quick service last evening and had to wait for an hour at the service center. There were about 8 other folks with me, who were eagerly watching Ross Taylor belt the devil out of the Pakistan cricket team. Now those who know me, know that I don’t care too much for cricket….i’d watch or feign interest only if India are playing and that is purely out of the fact that to be a part of Indian society, you’re expected to know cricket. Anyway, I spent most of the time browsing through the newspapers there and was done with an over to spare….in the game that is. While the 8 gentlemen there were going nuts, I was getting thoroughly bored….so, once the innings was over, I decided to speak to the gentlemen next to me in a fairly audible tone….here goes

Me: So what is this that is going on ?

Person( In moderately miffed tone): Cricket….World Cup.

Me(in surprised tone): Oh…very nice. Where is the world cup being played?

Person(turns in shocked manner to look at me): India man….it is being played in India.

Me: Oh! Good good….is this match the finals?

Every head in the room turns to look at me as though I had openly asked if anyone could give me the keys to their car. There was a disturbance in the force…. I decided not to take the joke further. Stuff like this happens when I’m bored….sigh! One day, I will surely be beaten up for insolence.