I've been learning it all wrong...

See the video link first, then we can talk.

Obviously, I've been learning the guitar the wrong way all these years. This video has opened my eyes. Henceforth, I will stop attending classes to learn musical theory, pentatonic scales, 12 bar blues and all that jazz.....and will resort to learning only 'Wonderwall' by Oasis. I need nothing else now. Look at all those dim-witted girls falling over that guy.

Speaking honestly, "WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!!!". Imagine the number of guys who are going to learn only Wonder wall and assume that" Hey, I can play the guitar". Or worse, the ones that come up to me and go,"Machaan....what are you doing this weekend? I want to learn 'Wonder wall' to play to this damn cute chick I know da....can you teach?" It's highly unfortunate that I'm part of a generation that's all about smoke and mirrors and less on actual magic. The worst was when one dude came up to me asking me to teach him how to play,"Kabhi Kabhi Aditi" , just so that he could play it to this girl he knew who was apparently feeling down because her dog died or something....here's the best part...the girl's name was not Aditi. " Arey Bhai, bhavanaaon ko samjho". Facepalm anyone? The girl's name was not Bhavna either.

Now thanks to the video, I am going to be very very skeptical about playing 'Wonder wall" in public again. Hey!!!Note to all those who want to learn 'Wonder Wall", the chords to "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" are the same....so maybe, you can play that after the girl finds out you can't play anything beyond two chords and tapping the guitar.

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