Nikhilesh at ‘Unknown’ movie

Quiz question( the answer to which you would know if you follow me on Twitter) “What’s worse than sitting near a young couple, who are making out, at a theater?

Answer: Sitting near an old couple who keep complaining about the young couple.

To them I say,” Jealous??? Missed the bus ,eh?”

This was the side plot in the movie. The theater was some what sparse considering most of the people had gone for Dum-Maaro-Dum. There was this couple, early twenties who…well…to put it mildly – got more bang for the buck. Too much heavy breathing and enough sound effects to make Yours Truly find a different seat just as the opening credits rolled on. Well, some of us were actually there to see the movie.

I found a seat two rows behind, near this elderly Tamil couple who I was pretty certain would not make out. Ewww….ugly picture in head… ctrl+z, ctrl+z! But hey, those who can’t do, complain. Less than a minute into me moving to that seat, the Tam-maami began in fairly audible Tamil as to how my generation has lost respect for values and that how their daughter, Soundarya, would not be doing any of this. Soundarya is in the US of A, don’t ask me how I know. But believe me maamiji, Soundarya may have just come over to the dark side. Don’t trust that pavadai-pottu-wearing vixen one bit.

5 more minutes of that banter, and guess who had to find a new seat? Tah-da….

Besides this very very very uncomfortable turn of events, it turns out that the Inox multiplex no longer serves popcorn meant for single people. They have eliminated the smaller boxes and we all have to buy a bucket of popcorn. I thought it best not to throw a hissy-fit at the counter and walk away. They can keep their stupid popcorn. I never liked it anyway. Humph.

Oh, I had gone to see ‘Unknown’. Yes, I’ve heard all the jokes. ‘Machaan, how can you go and see an unknown movie? Avalu boredaaa?’ or ‘ Dude, ladki ke saath tha kya, jo movie unknown ho gaya?’. Jokes apart, it was a very gripping movie. Good story line with unexpected twists and turns. And if you comment saying that you knew it would end that way, I’m sorry for not being the clairvoyant that you are. Good thriller overall. Check it out.