The Bottom of the Geek Ladder

I think I’ve more or less confirmed it for myself, and there is not much I can do about it. The problem is far more deep-rooted than what we initially assessed it would be. And this problem will take a lot of work if I am going to undo the effects any time soon. Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m a ‘Comic book Geek’!(Sudden sound of astonishment from the crowd)

It was all revealed when I went to see ‘Thor’ last week. I was explaining to some colleagues the great history behind the Avengers and the Marvel Universe in a little too much detail than what was required. But it’s so simple. Everyone knows that Captain America was the very first Avenger, and according to movie folklore, Tony Stark’s(Iron Man) father was the scientist behind the super soldier serum program that was responsible for making Steve Rogers the tough guy he was. I also spoke of how Bruce Banner aka the Hulk was experimenting with radiation to see how to recreate the super soldier program because Captain America was the last of the super soldiers. However, things went bad with the radiation making the Hulk the one guy you don’t want to tick off. However, the Hulk was a fugitive being tracked by the military, who are the biggest customer for Tony Stark…and I assume you saw the Iron Man movies. While I was quite excited that Hawkeye made a small appearance in Thor, I don’t think the others shared my enthusiasm. And how does Thor fit into all this? Well he’s a Norse God….he can fit into anything. But truth is somewhat close to the movie where Loki, Thor’s half brother, comes to Earth to create havoc, which is when Thor warns Agent Nick Fury of the coming tempest. It turns out all of Earth’s heroes cannot stop the chaos unleashed by Loki and his allies, which is when Thor sort of steps in. To make matters worse, there is an Alien Race called the Skrulls who attack Earth because Earth has the cosmic cube (check post-credit scene of Thor). And that’s how the Avengers sort of come about. Well, that’s in the movie. In the comic book, there are a whole host of other heroes including Wasp, Ant Man, even Spiderman, and Wolverine who have graced the Avengers team. I also had to fill everyone in on the ‘Post credit scenes’ on all the Marvel movies. And this was after forcing everyone to sit right through to the end to ensure we don’t miss the ‘Post-end’ credits of Thor. I missed the same in Iron Man 2 and felt very sorry for myself.

After all that, the question I get,” So where does Batman and this Green Lantern fellow fit into all this?”

Any self-respecting comic book geek fan would know that there is no way Marvel and DC heroes could exist in the same universe. DC has the ‘Justice League’ with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, Hawk girl, The Green Lantern. While the Marvel Universe has ‘The Avengers’… see it’s all so simple. All it takes is doing a little bit of reading. (A concept that sort of gets limited to text-books in this country).

It was in that moment, an epiphany occurred. It turns out, even on the long ladder of geeks, I’m not even the ‘I have a great idea for a social media website so I can afford to dress like a homeless person’ sort of geek. I’m not even the ‘I am researching stuff that no common man would care about, but it will help unlock secrets of the universe’ sort of geek. Heck, I’m not even the ‘ I may spend my life pursuing childhood dreams and studying fossils for a living, but I have Rachel Green’ sort of geek…. I’m the comic book guy from the Simpsons.

Yup, I am the comic book guy! I own action figures; I get annoyed when people wonder why you never see Wolverine and Batman together. I get annoyed when people can’t tell the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek….how difficult is it to distinguish Spock from Yoda???? Honestly….sheesh! Of all the geeks in the world, I’ve chosen the lowest form of geek. Sigh! I’m going to own a comic book store one day! This is a dark day in self-evaluation and self realization. Sniff! According to Wikipedia (our best teacher ever) Comic book Guy is defined as “an obese, nerdy and snobby man best known for his eloquence and sarcastic quips” Please do not read the part about ‘Romance’ on that page. It will drive you to tears, as it has done to me.

I need a drink! A strong one! Catch you later!

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