Even if it was for 5 minutes…

Mr.Murphy and I had yet another meeting today, and like all the other times, he won. I’m going to beat him one day….just you wait. (Does a rendition of Eliza Dolittle’s ‘Ooooooo Professor Iggins…just you wait’ ). The car had some trouble today and I ended up riding the Activa to work. Yes, you read that correctly, I rode the ‘Activa’ to work. And guess what…it began to rain on the way back. Yours truly spent about 20 minutes towards the end of his work day cursing the rain and swearing he will never date a girl called Varsha (I’m still trying to figure out how that became part of my cursing and swearing).

The rain weakens and I head out. Same old pot-hole filled roads , now filled with water, all the passing cars decide I’m the best target to splash water on. Normally I’d be fuming by now. But somehow, being in this place after so many months took me back to the old days. Yours truly turns nostalgic in the rain. I remembered a simpler time from about 4 years ago. I was just one among many IT engineers who found himself in that position because he did not know what to make of himself, but it was clear that he wasn’t going to find his true calling being an Engineer, but did it anyway. A time when I did not earn much(and still don’t) and every penny I got that was spent on ice cream or a low budget restaurant was more fun than what I now spend on expensive cocktails. A time when I went to work, finished at a certain hour and went around town for cheap beer and chilly chicken and met friends to discuss the last weekend’s football game. A time when I would never over analyze or even bother as to why I’m still single and the world was music, food and booze…until I met the first one that changed all that. A time when I felt there was so much to conquer and knew what I had to do next, or at least I believed that I knew what I wanted to do next. Inflation was just a word that had no hold on me. It was all so simple then. How did I let it all get so complicated?

Spend all day worrying about how to make yourself a better asset to your company through work, spend all night wondering about how to save money, rising cost of fuel, food, rising cost of bank nterests, credit card bills, future housing and a whole bunch of things that give me grey hair. And somehow, for a short 5 minutes, my brain seemed free of all these blues….me getting drenched in the rain on that darn Activa….an almost care free school-boy like feeling overcame me….my hands knew where the road was, my instinct knew where the cars around me were… the rain seemed almost irrelevant at that point in time…almost Zen like. And it was good… to be free of everything and everyone, even if it was just in my head. Almost like a ' ....and I'm freeeeeeeee....... free fallin' sort of moment!

And then an image of Urmila Matondkar singing ‘Geela geela paani’, from ‘Satya’ popped into my head and life was normal again…stupid god damn rain, stupid god damn car and stupid people driving their stupid cars soaking me. Hello World! You’re a b**ch!!!

PS: Sorry for the tangential trains of thought.... early signs of ADD I guess....also, I figured out how to embed videos from Youtube onto Blogger. I have tried not to over do it...please don't scoff. It's this sort of enthusiasm at discovering new things that made the parental unit believe I was cut out to be an engineer.