It’s always best to encourage a good mood

Times are indeed tough. When I came out of college a year ago, the world was just recovering from a recession. I could some how wrap the idea around my head that I will not be making as much money as I would like to. A year on, the bloody recession is back and guess who is left feeling like they’ve made all the worst choices in the world? Anyway, its times like these that require one to be as cheerful as possible. If you’ve read some my previous post, you would remember that post attending my friend’s wedding in the north, I have this new found sudden urge to actually enjoy hindi film music and break out into a song and dance when people are not looking.

Despite the rather dull weather in town, the last few days see me wanting to listen to more hindi music than my usual Pearl Jam or Foo Fighters. By hindi music, I generally mean one song. I seem to have gotten the ‘Senorita’ song from ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ stuck in my head and have been playing it on and on in the car, even performing a little dance when the traffic is going no where. The inherent problem with such behavior is that I seem to forget that I don’t have dark tinted windows and that people ( by people, namely office going dames on scooties or other cars) can see me behave like a moron. I realized my dancing skills are very similar to Barney…..oh, not the cool dude from HIMYM, but Barney the dinosaur.

I did not realize this until this girl on scooty next to my car this morning started laughing. Thank you very much….and you ask me why I don’t go to discos or dance in public. I don’t know how long she was watching, but I stopped and was all ‘knight in shining armour’ (fat dude in old metal car) and allowed her to pass on ahead…. a luxury not given to very many bikers if I have my way. And why? Not because I am a nice fellow, but so that I could go back to singing at the top of my voice and dancing in my car seat….while driving. It’s not often that a good mood comes along without me either being drunk or having bought a new electronic item….and I am in no mood to let it go away that easily.

PS: To all ye conspiracy theorists, no, I’m not getting married and no I’ve not fallen in love.

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