Let sleeping dogs lie…aka…the ‘blue’ shirt syndrome

Some time end of May, I attended a friend’s wedding. Being the owner of a 4 wheeler meant I was expected to play chauffeur to another friend who wanted to get all decked up and go in a Saree. (You’re reading this blog and you know who you are….BTW, I’ve not mentioned that you made me wait for over an hour on a Sunday evening when I could have been home watching football). I pick the girl up and head towards the wedding hall which is on the other side of town.

Half way through, my friend, who was all fancy in a saree and stuff starts screaming at me. Readers please note that I was kind enough to switch to the hindi station on the radio and not mention a word about how I was made to wait (which apparently is considered normal…”in which world????”). The reason I was being yelled at was because I was wearing a blue shirt, jeans and sneakers. The article of clothing that was in question was this blue shirt that my friend points out; I apparently wear to every wedding or reception I attend.

Guys will be guys, I honestly did not care. Some one like me does not attend very many parties (namely 2 a year….one of them being new year) or formal functions like this, so I don’t see the point in investing in fancy shirts for such affairs. I own this one blue shirt, kind of fancy, that goes well with jeans and trousers and is worn to all weddings. I however, did not notice this trend until I was being yelled at in my own car by a woman who made me wait for over an hour and then listen to hindi film music on a drive to the other end of town.

Post the wedding, I went back home to look through photos from the weddings attended earlier this year. Turns out she was right. Barring one wedding where I had worn the blue shirt the previous evening, I’m there with the same blue shirt in every photo. Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Blore…goatee, no goatee, stubble, clean shaven….jeans, trousers, shoes….all change; but the blue shirt remains the same. It was all fine, and life would have gone on for many years with my blue shirt….but nooooo….some people are not happy about that. Heck, I may have even worn that blue shirt to my own wedding reception should I ever come to that bridge in life.

I find it very scary that women notice all these things. Very scary. I’d like to point out that out of fear, I have bought a red shirt with a fancy finish. You will now see me with a red shirt in all weddings going forward…..or until the next person yells at me for wearing it for more than one event. The next time any of you have an issue with what I am wearing; you are free to take me shopping and buy me clothes.

(PS: Not the blue shirt in the pic below)