How was I to know?

I happened to go ‘shopping’ with two of my woman friends over the weekend, I guess it was ‘window-shopping’ because I was the only one who ended up actually buying anything. We’ll call these friends ‘J’ and ‘K’ for now (Saw MIB 2 yesterday). So J tells K that J is going to buy Mac. Yours truly gets very very excited and says in a slightly high pitch tone, “No way….you’re getting a Mac. That’s awesome. Which model are you going for?” J realizes that there is obviously some part of the plot that I’m missing and both seem a little confused as to why I would be getting excited about someone buying a Mac.

“Erm…which model? Mac Book pro???” J clarifies that there are no references being made to laptops here and that Mac is apparently a cosmetics brand. So it’s M.A.C and not Mac. (leviooooosa, not leviosaaaa). Hey, I can’t help it. To any straight guy, working(slaving) in an IT company, if you say Mac…it either means the laptop or the burger. And since we just had lunch, I knew it could not be the burger.(Or could it????)

Also, how the devil am I supposed to understand that ‘tube’ is short for ‘tube-top’. I was starting to wonder why these ladies were discussing plumbing issues. Shouldn’t tubes be concealed, so how does it matter what colour they are? The same for ‘Spaghetti’…. If you say things like spaghetti, I can only think of food. There is no way, even if I really really tried that I would imagine a Genelia D’Souza type dame wearing a spaghetti-top ahead of an actually plate of ever so gorgeous spaghetti and meatballs. I’m a foodie, there is no way I am programmed to think of women ahead of food.

PS: Which one of you guys know that 'Anarkali' is a type of Salwar Design?