When was the last time?

First, watch this video. It has gone fairly viral the last few days….so in case, you’ve not seen this…WATCH!

This is true happiness. Something that seems to be in short supply these days. I had tears in my eyes because I wanted so much to be this kid and feel so much happiness that it drives me to tears. Remember being kids? Fabulous times it was….parents would buy you a 10 buck chocolate bar and would tell you that it was “all yours” and you felt so darn happy. Where have those times gone? Being a grown up SUCKS….sucks like a leech on the thigh of a fat juicy cow.

Even buying stuff does not make one happy like this anymore. Yes, you look back and feel so cool that you can buy a ticket for a movie or a show and don’t have to beg and plead for money and then be given conditions like ‘getting so and so grade in class’ and all that. I’ve wanted to buy a PS3 for the longest time ever…but when I got it, I was happy, but not this happy. The next item of purchase that I will be whining about for a few years is going to be a Fender guitar. For the uninitiated, a Fender is the dream guitar for anyone looking to seriously play the ‘Blues’….it is like the Jesus Christ of guitars. Anyway, I spent all of Sunday morning in the neighbourhood music instrument store trying out a whole bunch of guitars (I went in to buy a 20 buck pick) and when I played the Fender, it felt so cool…..almost like when Harry Potter got his wand in Diagon Alley. The guitar called out to me….in parseltongue. But then, I was not ‘this’ happy. I want ‘this’happy….the happiness where I am so overcome with joy that I weep like a little girl….erm…yes, like this little girl. I will even do a happy-dance. And will record it and put on youtube.

I can’t remember the time I was so thrilled about something. Not even graduation from MBA college that has left me with nothing but a loan at this point in time. They say it gets better, I hope so. What maybe came close was when I went for my first Iron Maiden concert….and I’m sure I’m going to get giddy with excitement at the upcoming Metallica concert. But even then, I won’t be soooooo happy. So dear reader and friends, the ball is in your court. Since the parental unit don’t plan surprises like this, I’m ruling them out of the picture.

PS: Can any of you help me meet Metallica and get my guitar signed by them?