Just got parented…

I don’t know how this happened or where it came from. But come on….I’m 27 and you can’t revoke TV privileges. I won’t get into the details of how this happened but the parental unit just suddenly switched off the television and told me that it’s being switched off for my behavior.


This feels like class 7 all over again. I’m holding back the urge to laugh out loudly. (or ‘lol’ as most of you call it today). I mean, come on….i’m 27…I’m practically a grown man who earns his own money to pay for his own fuel….PS3 and other minor juvenile behavior aside, this ‘revoking of TV rights’ is simply preposterous. Alright, I still live with my parents….but then, that’s pretty normal for any indian household. Like my friend says,”dude….we’re all f**ked up in the head from all this American TV. All this nonsense of ‘living by ourselves’, ‘bachelor pad’ is all bloody American thinking da. We’re Indian and we’re going to live with or nearby our parents forever,” (Will the court please note that my friend is staying in the US “with” a bachelor pad). Anyway, just because I stay with them, and the only relationships I have are with my 3 guitars, does not mean you can randomly remove TV viewing rights for me saying things you don’t agree with.

Sheesh! I remember way back in school and college where they would take away various privileges so as to ensure I study. Well, we can all clearly see that ‘that’ was a failed experiment. Anyway, dear parental unit…. I have a laptop, in my room, with unrestricted access to the internet. I don’t even watch TV anymore. I download. And if you think banning use of the TV is going to stop me from playing the PS3, so be it. I don’t get to play on week days thanks to work…so gnaaaah!

What was the last time your parents punished you? And what did they do? Mine was called ‘Mera beta engineer banega’.

PS: This blog is now up to 27 followers.(Ola 27th follower. That’s my age by the way, just in case anyone thought that this much obsession over a PS3 can only mean I’m 16 years old) Thank you all for your support in reading this blog, please introduce your friends to the same, so that one day I can do this full time. I promise to be bitter and whine about things even when I’m this “Salman Rushdie meets Chetan Bhagat in hell” type writer dude!