Responsible Drinking

I don't know if this info should be out there, but for safety reasons let us refer to the person to whom this happened as my good friend. So, my good friend met some other good friends at a pub for a few drinks. My good friend has what can only be referred to as excellent capacity to hold questionable ales. However, the police of Bangalore have a very low limit that is so absurd that it ensures that all my good friend can do is drink two breezers...cranberry flavour....and drive home.

My good friend and his other friends were leaving a pub and they saw a police checkpoint. You know, the one where they stop and make you breath into a pipe of some sort where you are judged to be 'above the two breezers' limit. Anyway, 3 large Old Monk rums down, my good friend knew that he could be in a spot of trouble.

My good friend's friend tells him, "Arey yaar! Cops are there, better to avoid them. turn right and go off. " Being the responsible citizen my good friend is, he slows down and puts the right indicator just to tell the cops that he's turning right. Erm, my good friend was being a vigilante of some Robinhood....or Batman, so why the right indicator when you intend to speed away?

Simple, so that the other intoxicated drivers know that he's turning right and they don't over-take.

Warning: Drinking and driving is injurious to health. All stunts in this post have been performed by trained and experienced professionals. Kindly do not imitate. Also, kindly use indicators while turning....sober or otherwise.