Where's Murthy?

I wanted to name the post 'Where's Waldo?'. But like Alice.. who the f**k is Waldo. So where have I been since the 1st of December? No year end post, no 'i'm lonely on Christmas and Santa hates me' post...nothing! Zilch! Cypher! Zero! 

Shouldn't I be writing about how this year was disappointing for me because I made no progress towards the dream of being a paid musician (not in a 'plays at Church Gate station and get's thrown spare change' sort of paid)...2 measly shows this year. That too at the same venue. Shouldn't I be writing about how I finally moved out my "professional" comfort zone after 5 years and have moved to the company that is driven by values and powered by intellect. Or so the branding team says we do.

Well, I spent a large chunk of the month on some daily-wage office related thingy, so hardly got an ounce of spare time. All the spare time I got was spent on cleaning up my guitar skills. I finally hit breaking point early January and decided that it's high time I make a few changes and start doing some new things with life.

Readers of the blog will know how crazy I am about music. Crazy to the point that I will go to a concert all by myself and still have a good time. Approaching 29, and the music career in limbo had me look for some new way to get all this music energy out there. Considering Rolling Stone magazine have not yet called me to go on tour with Metallica or Pearl jam and be the official reporter for them, I decided to start writing my own blog about music.

And that's why the personal blog has been ignored for some time now. Anyway, here's the new music blog: www.thedrinkingmusician.blogspot.com .

Yes, you read the name correctly. Don't roll your eyes over. I thought I'd write about all the bands I listen too, shows I attend, opinions on music....and if possible talk about my journey towards becoming a respectable paid musician. So all who follow me here, please do follow me there also. I do not mind stalkers. Really, I don't. I know it'll be very rock, metal, jazz and blues-centric but I really can't review masterpieces like 'Radha likes to party...' from the soon-to-be cult classic 'Student of the Year'. 

So please bear with me till I get this act together. I promise to return with my usual posts about marriage, lack of girl friend, lack of money, I am fat, I am lonely, sort of blog posts that you all have been coming to read. And i promise you that the sarcasm will not diminish in any way. Till then....tah! 

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