Between all the whining

Thanksgiving is not really big here in India. The reason I say ‘not really’ is because some of the restaurants have thanksgiving dinners, and since ‘Eating an entire turkey’ is on my bucket list (ironic, considering I might kick the bucket after eating an entire turkey), I’m guessing there is some market for that here. That being said, I enjoy the sentiment of Thanksgiving and felt it’s an appropriate time to put out some of the things I've been thankful for this year.

1. I’m thankful that I have a job that pays a respectable wage and that every morning I have the opportunity to wake up, go into an office and comfortably work. That’s a big thing considering how bad the economy is and the number of friends I see struggle to make ends meet who have way more responsibilities than I do right now. PS: I’m also thankful the job sent me to New York where I saw ‘The Lion King’ musical on Broadway – dream come true. 

2. I’m thankful for two awesome parents who've not begun badgering me to get married…yet. I’m thankful for a mom with whom I can have an open honest conversation about marriage and relationships so that I’m better prepared. I’m thankful for a dad who despite my post-graduate degree keeps me under his roof unconditionally (that includes playing guitar and singing at 1 AM); and how he never misses and opportunity to teach me ‘responsibility’. 

3. I’m thankful for two friends in particular who are still willing to hang out with me despite my weirdness and uncalled for mood swings about trivial matters like the car stereos and ‘why don’t you know what Thor’s hammer is called?’. I've been going through a whole lot of emotional puberty, which was previously put aside during my growing years thanks to computer games (namely Counter Strike). And these long talks (normally me just talking) with these friends about all the craziness going through my head has really helped me come out the other side a slightly less confused carbon-based life form.

These are the top 3 things I am especially grateful for this year. There are so many more things I am really thankful for despite all the whining, but I’ll limit myself to the top 3 that came into my head the moment I started writing this post. 

What have you been thankful for? (Someone please say ‘I’m thankful Nikhilesh is still bitter and insecure and uses sarcasm as a defence mechanism or else his blog will cease to be funny’)

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