Post No.401... we've come so far.

Can I start with an apology to all my loyal readers for not having written anything in a long time? No? How about I give you a hug? Don’t want chubby tambram hugging you? How about I calm you down with a pastry? No wait… (thinking… that’s 30 odd readers, assuming Rs.50 a cupcake…that’s 1500 bucks…).. leave it! No cupcakes! I don’t want all you beautiful people becoming fat. Let bygones be bygones and let’s get on with life.

So, what have I been up to? The high point of the last one month has definitely been my trip to Pune for the NH7 music festival. And since I’m taking the time to talk about it…clearly something happened there. Did I meet a girl whom I really liked and we slow danced to some EDM? Did her thinking and mine get along in a way that people confused us for relative major and relative minor chords of one another? (Didn't get the music geek talk huh?) So did that happen? 

Sigh! No. But these two separate girls did talk to me. One asked me who is the band on stage and what song were they singing. And the other one was from Mumbai who asked me directions to some place in Pune. Not being a local, I said I had no clue. And since I blanked out at the prospect of a higher-than-average looking girl proactively talking to me, I didn't have the presence of mind to check the directions on the map application on my darn phone. Hopeless!  To make things worse, my mind in its Brownian state asks me to make small talk. Great idea! “Soooooooo…. Where in Mumbai are you from?”. She just mentioned some place that I have never heard of. I nodded as though I knew Mumbai like the back of my hand. That was pretty much it. And since she didn't bother inquiring as to where I was from, I'm guessing I was coming across as one of those creepy desperate guys whom I normally make fun of. Best to be silent. Sigh! Hopeless!

A shout out to the somewhere-in-the-universe- future Mrs.Murthy, I’m not as shy as the blogs make me sound. I just have problems initiating and sustaining a conversation with people I don’t know. We will get along fabulously if you stick to talking about music (non-Bollywood), games (Candy Crush is not a game. Neither is Angry Birds), football (no club other than Manchester United) and food (Please don’t be a vegetarian). 
PS: I am an artist, drama is in my blood. In my case, it comes with a side order of ‘melo’.

So besides the awesome awesome awesome music at the festival, and the much drinking and eating, the Pune trip was pretty uneventful. 

I did however buy a new camera and began taking tons of pictures of all the bands. I believe I may have found my new passion. I took almost 900 pictures over 3 days and put up the best 100 on Facebook. Do check them out if you are on my friend’s list. 

On a closing note, this is the 401st blog post. Much thanks to all you guys for posting comments and keeping me motivated to write. More importantly, thanks for coming back to the website even though lately all I can seem to write about are my failed attempts at better acquainting myself with the opposite sex. Look forward to keeping you folks entertained for the next 400 blogs.

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