Food Mood: Boca Grande

I’m a regular patron at Boca Grande and thought it’s about time I do quick review of the place. Located opposite the Police Station in Koramangala, Boca Grande is a laid back eatery offering a continental spread. It’s mostly filled with people just looking to catch up on coffee, a few snacks and cigarettes and generally laze around. I've spent many an evening just playing scrabble and not being pestered to order more than my cup of Hot Chocolate and fries. 

This evening began with a Chicken Macaroni Blossom Salad in a 1000 Island Dressing. The salad contains macaroni with diced chicken, duet zucchini herbed tricolour capsicum & broccoli. I rather enjoy the dressing and have had only that with whichever salad I've chosen. The 1000 Island has more lettuce than I’m comfortable with. It’s high time I move on to a different dressing.

Chicken Macaroni Blossom Salad
We also had a side order of Chilli Cheese Toast. I do recommend this fattening delight should you visit.

Chilli Cheese Toast
The main course for me was the Lamb Geschnetzells which is basically slices of lamb grilled with mushroom & du jour vegetables on a bed of rosti potato. The lamb was well-done and went really well with the sauce. However, having frequented the joint very often, I find that their steaks tend to taste very similar in nature. I had the chicken Pepper steak the last time I was here and it tasted very similar to the lamb.

Lamb Geschnetzells
Dinner concluded with a slice of Chocolate Mousse which was really good - Nothing like a nice cold mousse on a hot Indian summer day. This was by no means the best mousse I’ve had, but it was yummy nonetheless and was the best part of my meal.

Chocolate Mousse
The service at Boca is on the slower side, so if you’re in a rush, I wouldn't recommend the place. It has a nice ambiance to watch a game of football, catch up with friends over snacks and tea. There is no alcohol served which is a good thing because it doesn't attract the typical noisy drinking crowd. Do try it out. I hear their Sunday brunch is quite exquisite; I've not tried it myself yet though.

A typical meal for two would cost you about Rs.1000 which is nominal considering the spiraling cost of eating out.