Food Mood: Chilis, Phoenix Market City Bengaluru

I’m normally a very forgiving person in my reviews, but the latest visit to Chilis at the Phoenix Market City mall in Bengaluru left me quite miffed. The quality of service was extremely disappointing. Since the indoor seating at the restaurant was full, we were given a table outside. While I can’t hold that against them, I was annoyed that it took nearly 15 minutes for them to get us the menu and water....and another 15 minutes to give us attention so that we could place our order. While the place was full, there did seem to be a decent ratio of waiters to tables. 

We did inform the waiter that we would like a table inside once one was available. However, people seemed to be leaving the restaurant and newer customers seemed to be getting tables ahead of us. I ultimately ran out of patience and had to intervene to get a table in the inside. More annoyance.

Since we had already placed the order, the starters arrived almost instantly to our table. We ordered a Triple Decker which comes with a helping of Fried Chicken, Chicken Wings and Southwest veg Rolls. The Fried Chicken was done very well and left us craving more. The Southwest veg Rolls were alright. What did stand out was the assortment of dips they gave us. We savored almost every dish during the entire lunch with those dips. 

Southwest veg Rolls

Watermelon Mojito
After having to grab the attention of a waiter and have him take another 15 minutes before he paid us any, we ordered a plate of nachos. The nachos were quite soft and the cheese seemed stale. No amount of sour cream or dip made me enjoy the nachos. My guess is that the same might have been prepared much earlier, but forgotten on the kitchen counter for quite some time, resulting in the cheese drying up and the chips losing their crispiness.

Veg Nachos

While my friends ordered the Fried Chicken Tacos, I ordered the Old Timer Burger. The burger was the saving grace of the meal. The fries accompanying it were perfect and the meat patty was cooked to perfection. The cheese had the right consistency making the burger absolutely delicious.

Crispy Chicken Tacos
The Old Timer
We hadn't the heart to order desserts considering the quality of service we were given. Overall, it was a terrible experience in terms of slow service and cold food. I hope this is a one-off affair because I've really enjoyed my meals at Chilis ....until now.

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