Food Mood: Kanua

Some folks and I from the last company I worked at decided to have a reunion of sorts at Kanua, located just off Sarjapur Road. It used to be our favourite for birthdays, farewells and other celebrations.

Themed like one of the old houses you would see in Malgudi Days, Kanua specializes in Mangalorean cuisine. Since there were seven of us, we started the meal with a serving of Kanua Chicken Ghee Roast, Anjal Rawa Fry and Anjal Masala Fry. These have been our favourites every time we go there. The ghee roast simply melts in your mouth and oozes with the nice fattening flavour of ghee. Both the fish starters were fried to perfection, with the Anjal Masala Fry being my favourite. I simply love the spicy flavour of red chillies it leaves in your mouth. Not something for the ones with delicate taste buds.

Kanua Ghee Roast

Anjal Masala Fry

Anjal Rawa Fry
We also ordered fresh sugarcane juice and a Poddale Pohdi (stuffed fried snake gourd). I’m not a fan of snake gourd, and nothing has changed. The sugarcane juice tasted nice, but it would have been better if they could have added some ice to make it cool.

Fresh Sugarcane Juice

Poddale Pohdi
Our main course was driven by Neer dosa and various gravies. We ordered the Yetti Randhei – a mild prawn’s curry made in a thick coconut gravy which had a very coastal taste. This was accompanied by the Kanua Mutton Curry. Completing this was the Ambe Upkari, a semi-spicy mango based curry which is very unique to the Konkani region. Being the mango season, the mangos were fresh and left most of us licking our fingers.

Yetti Randhei

Ambe Upkari
After all of this, some of us still had space for more. We ordered a Kanua Chicken Biryani which was super. But giving it a rich taste was the accompanying Banana Shoot Raita which added a nice cool sweet taste complementing the rich flavour of the biryani.

Kanua Chicken Biryani

Banana Shoot Raita
We did go over the top with the biryani, which left us with no space for desert. Overall, the ambience was lovely with very few people daring to venture out in the afternoon heat. The food was served fairly quickly and the waiters were patient enough to allow me to take my photos before they served everyone. If you’re in the mood for some nice Mangalorean food, do try and venture out to Kanua. A typical meal for two would cost between Rs. 1200-1500 depending on what you order.


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