Gig Review: Blackstratblues and Soulmate, HRC Bengaluru - 100 Pipers VH1 Sound Nation

Since I had done a very recent review on both Blackstratblues and Soulmate, I'll keep this brief. Both these bands were playing as part of the 100 Pipers VH1 Sound Nation campaign going across the country.

The evening began with Blackstratblues playing to an almost empty house thanks to Bengaluru's traffic that came to a standstill owing to the rain. The set was tight with Warren Mendonsa running through favourites like Ode to a Sunny Day and material from the upcoming The universe has a strange sense of humour album.

By the time Soulmate took the stage, the house was full. Rudy set the tone for the set with a superb solo and Tips took over with her ever-so-mesmerizing vocals. The band played a lot of material from their soon-to-be released album Ten. The evening belonged to Soulmate whose music clearly drove up the sale of beer at the Hard Rock Cafe as everyone got into a really good mood thanks to the music.

Smoke on the Warren.... Blackstratblues

Jai Row - Blackstratblues

Rudy Wallang - Soulmate

Tips - Soulmate

Tips - Soulmate

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