Gig Review: Indus Creed - Windmills Craftworks, 100 Pipers VH1 Sound Nation (Pt.2 of 2)

The second (and final) act on the final evening of the 100 Pipers VH1 Sound Nation campaign at Windmills Craftworks was none other than Indian rock icons – Indus Creed. Originally known as Rock Machine, the band quickly started driving the independent music scene in India and I remember listening to Pretty child on DD Metro way back in 1990.

Uday Benegal
The band started with a bang with Bulletproof and Thief (explosive drumming on this track). The band then took a page out of their history book and played Trapped that made the crowd go crazy. This was followed by songs such as Dissolve, Best Friend and Come Around. Bruce Lee Mani joined the band on their power ballad Take it harder. The crowd simply lost it on Rock & Roll Renegade

Indus Creed with Bruce Lee Mani

Mahesh Tinaikar

Krishna Jhaveri

Jai Row Kavi

What really made me fall in love with the set was Fireflies and Pretty Child. The audience were all up in arms, head banging and singing along to every word. The set closed with Indus Creed’s classic Top of the rock, which had everyone in the packed house literally on their feet.

Uday Benegal playing Fireflies

Top of the Rock
Uday Benegal was simply super with his vocals and guitar and had more energy than most of the younger bands today. Mahesh Tinaikar and Zubin were classic on the guitar and keyboards respectively. I wish the keyboards had a slightly higher volume , it did seem to be drained out by the guitars and the explosive drumming of Jai Row Kavi. Krishna on bass was a power house who jumped all over the place and yet never missed a note. The night belonged to Indus Creed and was a perfect end to the Pipers VH1 Sound Nation campaign. Clearly, work experience does make a big difference at times.

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