Gig Review: Lagori at Infosys

Playing an office crowd is always a challenging affair because folks tend to be reserved and not truly give into the spirit of rock music. This was no different when Lagori played at the Infosys campus to a crowd of thousand strong people. With a lot of coaxing, Tejas Shankar was able to get a small band of fifty folks to get out of the comfortable seats at the Infosys auditorium, and that crowd grew as the gig progressed.

Starting off with a cover of Mast Kalandar, the band had a decent mix of covers and original compositions like Duniya, River Song and more. They covered crowd-pleasing tracks like Allah ke bandeh, Madari (from Coke Studio) and even Avicii (No escaping EDM is there?). The band got the crowd going with their song Hadimba, from the Dewarists show. The evening closed with their signature song Boom Shankar.

While I wasn't too kicked about the covers they played considering the number of original tracks I have heard them play before, the band was successful in getting a normally laid back crowd at Infosys to actually come up front, clap, sing along and for once not worry about catching the last bus leaving the campus.

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