The coming of middle age

Today I hit the cultural milestone of the age of 30. I am now officially a middle-aged man. I don’t feel too bad about my rapidly graying sideburns now. It’s been a while since I've written a blog of personal nature, but I felt today could be a little different.

Soooo.... the big ‘Three-Oh’. Yep. The age when people(mostly Indians) are supposed to have achieved all they can and settle down, have a family and plan family trips to Ooty (or wherever it is that families go on vacation these days). I know a lot of my still-single friends are fairly depressed at the prospect of turning 30, but I’m actually quite kicked about it.

I look back at three decades and wonder why the devil I did most of the stupid things I did. I look back and see a confused person with no real clue on what direction to take in life. I actually enjoy where I am right now in life. I’m so much more clear of my expectations from life, I am more accepting of my shortcomings and demons (which is neat because I've been fortunate to have met a lot of them early on in life when it was only I who had to deal with the consequences). I hold far less grudges against people. (Unless you tell me EDM is an actual type of music, I will have to smack you in the face). Overall, I am more comfortable with who I am as a person today, than I was about two years ago.

So here’s to another three decades of finally living on my terms (And some of the terms the future Mrs.Murthy would impose) and to finally being clear and carrying far less emotional weight than before. I look forward to better health and opportunities to achieve all the little dreams I have in life. And most importantly, I look forward to continue to have the handful of friends who I trust with my life still by my side and to the continued love and acute tolerance of my quirks from them and my parents.

Anyway, now to the fun stuff – My turning-thirty birthday gifts. I've been saving up for about two years and finally bought my very first Fender Standard Stratocaster guitar. Her name is ‘Lady Olivia’. I also got my sixth tattoo which is a tribute to the Strat and has the words ‘Smile’ – taken from the song written by Charlie Chaplin. It’s one of my favourite songs to help me feel better when I’m low. I had also been hunting for the Eric Clapton Crossroads t-shirt from HRC for quite some time. With no luck from friends and colleagues who went all over the world, I finally found my size in the HRC right here in Bengaluru. And the final gift sponsored by the folks (besides new clothes), I got a copy of India Psychedelic – the story of a Rocking Generation by Siddarth Bhatia.

Lady Olivia

I've been partying with friends right from Saturday and will be spending most of my day with them today. I’m doubly happy because the second friend in my extended family had a baby girl last evening. All my wishes and prayers to her to have an awesome life ahead. See y’all at the next food review. Taah!

Food Mood: The Tao Terraces, 1 MG Mall

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