Food Blog: Food from Hong Kong (Pt. 1)

Finally, here are pictures of some of the local delicacies I had during my short trip to Hong Kong. The first dish is the Lo Mein with meat and farm egg. This was the very first thing we had when we landed in Hong Kong. And oh wow, what a debut it was. We ate this at a quaint little place called the Macau House of Noodles and Buns which was right opposite our hotel. As the name suggests, it’s the ramen-style flat noodles with a fried egg and a slice of meat. I’m not sure if it was the hunger, but this was by far the yummiest thing I had eaten during the entire trip. And the best part is that the meal doesn’t have any of the usual preservatives that they dump into food these days to make you feel full. So despite having an entire bowl, I still had space for more.

Lo Mein with Meat and Egg
Next up is Macaroni Soup with Beef and Ox tail. While it was a filling dish, I was a bit disappointed. There really isn’t much to talk about it. It’s a clear soup with a combined taste of the meat and carrots that were put into it.

Macaroni soup with Beef and Ox Tail
On the second day, we made our way to the markets in Mong Kok and attacked some street food. The road side eateries were run by older Chinese folks who only spoke Cantonese. So I really don’t know what we ate because any attempt to ask was met with them shoving a calculator in my face with the price of the dish. So I really don’t have names for any of the dishes I ate, except for the egg waffle which was nice and sweet. The second picture you see below is some kind of sea food. The flavour of the soya sauce made it taste so yummy. I only wish I knew what animal it used to be.

Egg Waffles
We also tried some sort of meat on a stick that I couldn't identify. I tried to be very ambitious and try some octopus. I stood in front of the stall for almost five minutes trying to gather some courage to try the rather ghastly Pirates of the Caribbean-esque barbequed octopus tentacles. But alas, I just could not bring myself to eat it.

Octopus Tentacles
Anyway, more to (appetizing) pictures to come soon.