Food Mood: The Dyu Art Cafe

One of the few things that make me really happy is when I stumble upon an eating joint that I fall in love with, and the people I recommend it to try it, and love it too. The Dyu Art Cafe in Koramangala is one such place. Three people I know went here based on my recommendation and fell in love with the place. So yaay!

The Dyu Art Cafe is a quaint little cafe located in the gully just after the Mangala Kalyana Mantappa in Koramangala. A small old-style house converted into an eating joint offers patrons a cosy outdoor setting in the courtyard area to enjoy some yummy sandwiches and hot beverages. The menu isn't as elaborate as most other coffee shops I've been to, but whatever they do make tastes really good. I started off with the Chicken Club Sandwich which came layered with shredded chicken, egg, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce and cheese. Everything was put together in just the right quantities such that none of the ingredients overpowered the taste of the other. Even the egg flavour was muted. The sandwich left a lovely minty taste in the mouth. This is definitely the one things you should order when you go here. This was accompanied with a Cappuccino that had a lovely aroma to it, and thick froth on top.

Chicken Club Sandwich

Chicken Club Sandwich

I moved on to have a pretty neat Chicken Omelette which was cooked really well. The amount of chicken was impressive and the cheese simply melted in your mouth. The omelette comes with brown bread and a generous lob of butter for those who feel like putting on some pounds. I closed the meal with one of the best Hot Chocolates I've had in Bengaluru in a long time.

Chicken Omelette

Hot Chocolate
Being a small cafe, they are understaffed. While this made service just a tad slow, Dyu Art Cafe is not a place you go when you’re in a hurry. It’s a cute joint that’s best suited for long conversations with friends, significant others or just some quiet time to catch up on a book. Now where’s the art? The cafe also doubles up as a venue to look at the work by some of the city’s artists and painters. The overall lazy feel of the cafe just adds to the good food. My pick would be the Chicken Club Sandwich and the Hot Chocolate. The entire meal cost me under Rs.400 which I thought was a steal. Do check out the Dyu Art Cafe – my new favourite cafe.

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