Gig Review: Live Banned launched debut album ‘If you park here your tyre will be air out’

As I had mentioned in my earlier post, I never expected this band to put out a complete album, but here they are. It was quite the August gathering (I’ve wanted to use that) at Vapour in Indiranagar for the launch of Live Banned’s debut album. The album titled ‘If you park here your tyre will be air out’ mixes various genres of music to ultimately address contemporary urban problems like autos, auto-tune by “singers”, roads, police trauma and more.

While the band played to a packed house, the audience took quite a while to cosy up to the newer tunes being played. While everyone seemed to recognize Auto-tune and Death Dance, the other songs were met with a luke-warm response. However, once Live Banned started playing some of their older medley stuff for which they are known and loved for, the crowd went totally crazy.

The band starts touring India this weekend covering venues across Pune, Chennai, Mumbai and
 other metros. While they are loved by audiences for their quirky medleys that combine popular rock and metal riffs with Indian movie lyrics, one will have to see how audiences cozy up to their new material. Anyway, I have my own copy of If you park here, your tyre will be air out... I can put it any time I want.