Gig Review: Tribute to Black Sabbath by Bevar Sea at Counter Culture's #TimeCapsule

Oh my lord, what did I just see? I just saw the bar for tribute shows raised so high, it gave the White Wall in the Game of Thrones an inferiority complex. I was really stoked with the set list chosen by Kryptos to kick off the month of tributes at Counter Culture, and along comes Bevar Sea and blows the roof off.

Bevar Sea were slated to do a tribute to the founding fathers (or so we all accept) of heavy metal – Black Sabbath. One would normally expect a set list consisting of the standard Paranoid, Iron Man, Sabbath bloody Sabbath and so on. But Bevar Sea decided to throw that set list out the window and choose a very unique list from the Sabbath catalogue. And then they executed it to near perfection. The set started off with Into the Void, with the starting riff getting everyone in the audience up and front right away. The momentum continued with a neatly modified version of After Forever

The band had to throw in one popular Sabbath number, and they chose well. The crowd went hysterical the moment they heard the NIB bass riff. And that was pretty much game, set and match for the rest of the evening. This was followed by Sweet Leaf, National Acrobat, Hole in the sky and Snow blind.

At the halfway mark, the band showed no signs of being weary and the crowd was only getting crazier with each song. With more beer going down everyone’s throats, the crowd started doing (fairly sad) stage dives. Lord of this world and The Wizard followed. The penultimate song was Hand of Doom which made everyone go completely nuts and sing along at the very top of their voices.

I was still waiting for the point at which Paranoid would be played because let’s admit it, Black Sabbath = Paranoid. Almost every band in college played that first. But Bevar Sea took a brave choice to close the set with the Sabbath classic I. Honestly; I’ve never seen a braver set list backed up by a solid tight performance. That set list could have gone either way but at the end, no one was complaining. Take a bow Bevar Sea – absolutely stellar tribute gig.

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Gig Review: Tribute to Classic Metal by Kryptos at Counter Culture's #TimeCapsule